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How the Right Web Hosting Package Accommodates All of Your Pet Services

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Key Takeaways

  • As the owner of a pet service business, you may want to create multiple websites for your various offerings to attract more customers.
  • Some web hosting providers can house files and data for each of your websites on one multi-server platform that offers you security, productivity and convenience.
  • can securely host all of your websites on a cloud-based platform that includes access to free domain names, professional email and more. 


As an owner of a small business pet service, your job means more to you than just dollars and cents – you truly love caring for animals. Your passion shows and your customers have taken notice. You’re doing so well, in fact, you have expanded your pet sitting business to include additional services, such as grooming or training.

To effectively compete in multiple areas you’ve decided that you want a separate website for each of your business offerings. This will give you search engine optimization (SEO) advantages that will help each of your services rank higher in online search directories like Google and Yelp and make it easier for local customers to find you. 

But you have questions. Does three websites mean three separate web hosting packages? 

How do you handle setting up your domain name registration and website forwarding? If you can’t make heads or tails of these challenges, rest easy. There are effective and affordable solutions available to help you make each of your offerings the best in their class.

What is a Web Hosting Provider?

To make it easy for customers to find your businesses online, each of your websites needs a physical location to live so that pet owners can access your websites online. To meet this need, all of your website files, images and data can be stored on servers provided by a shared web hosting provider. A good multi-server web host will guarantee a minimum of 99 percent uptime. This means if a server fails causing your site to cease operations, your site data and files will quickly shift to another server to minimize downtime. 

Protecting your website data is important, too. With cyber attacks on the rise during the coronavirus (COVID-19) economy, your web hosting provider will likely provide security in the form of data backup files. However, it is recommended that business owners also take precautions within shared hosting environments and add malware scanning protection tools to detect and remove potential vulnerabilities. 

Look for an Added-Value Web Hosting Package

In today’s business environment, getting the most productivity and value for your investment is key. Some web hosts offer you the ability to house and manage multiple websites on a single platform within a shared cloud environment (a group of dedicated servers owned and maintained by a web host). This means all of your files for each of your websites will be safely and securely contained on servers by the same web host. You will have access to all of your sites through one easy to manage, password-protected, single sign-on (SSO) control panel.

Look for a host that offers unlimited disk space, data transfers and file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts so that you can always quickly and easily upload as much web page content and as many graphics as necessary for each of your sites. Many web hosts also offer free domain registration and free email boxes to help you and your employees communicate with customers and vendors in a professional manner.

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Find a Web Host With Web Builder Capabilities

Each of your pet services deserves its own distinct online presence and some website hosts offer website builder capabilities. This will make it easy to build and host all three of your pet service websites through one resource and with one easy to manage bill. The best website builders offer templates featuring pet industries photos and drag-and-drop capabilities to make it simple and affordable to create your new websites.

By building three separate websites, you’ll also have the opportunity to leverage search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities to make it easier for people to find each of your services in online search directories. You can also link your social media sites to your websites to attract even more site visitors and create a greater brand following. Creating website traffic is the first step in converting website visitors to loyal customers.

Trust to Be Your Reliable Web Hosting Provider com offers affordable and efficient web hosting packages that allow you to house all three of your websites on one platform for prices starting at just $5.95 a month. Our hosting packages include free domain names, a website builder, generous disk space options, business email boxes, security features and expert technical support. If you already have a website, we can also help you easily transfer it to one of our web hosting plans. 

We will help you find a web hosting option that best supports your three websites and business offerings. We have worked with over 3 million small businesses to get and keep them up and running online and we always offer personalized service that sets us apart in the industry. Trust to be your reliable web hosting provider.

Give Your Pet Service Website a Good Home

You’ve worked hard to establish yourself in the pet service business and you deserve an online presence worthy of your reputation. can help with one-easy-to use platform for all of your websites so you never feel like you’re barking up the wrong tree. We’ll be here for you every step of the way to help ensure your online success. 


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