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What Is Web Hosting?

account_circle Team

what is web hosting

You're ready to get started with building your website but you aren't sure how to get started.... First you'll need a domain and then you'll want to secure web hosting. But really, what is web hosting?

Web hosting is the place where all your files, photos and HTML code live. Think of it like this – if you were starting a brick-and-mortar store, you’d have a physical location that would hold everything you’re selling. That’s exactly what web hosting does. Every single website on the internet is hosted somewhere. A web hosting provider, like, will provide you the space you need on the internet to host your store. If you own a domain and want to have it live somewhere, this is when web hosting would come in.

What is a Domain Name?

Since we mentioned it, domain names are the URL for your site. You can think of a domain name as the actual address of your site!

Types of Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Out of all the hosting options, Cloud Hosting is often viewed as the most reliable hosting option. Traditional hosting relies on disk space on one server, while cloud hosting has unmetered bandwidth, meaning pulls power from a variety of different resources to help ensure your site almost never has any downtime. Cloud hosting is also extremely scalable meaning you can add additional properties to your hosting at anytime.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting or dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting where a user can essentially rent a whole web server for their use of a single site or a network of their similar sites. With this type of hosting, users are provided with maintenance of the server hardware, power, security and space, but everything else like setting up site architecture and maintaining the site on an ongoing basis can be managed by the user

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is usually the first type of hosting people think of. It’s often thought of as the easiest type of hosting for new websites who aren’t seeing a ton of traffic yet. With shared hosting, a website is being stored in a shared place (a server) with many other websites. This is what makes this form of hosting available at a lower cost.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

If shared hosting isn’t for you, a VPS or virtual private server might be more your speed. VPS hosting offers users their own dedicated space on a shared server, but within a virtual partition, meaning it’s usually a safer option than traditional shared hosting. offers a variety of web hosting plans that will fit your every need!