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Why Don't You Have a Small Business Business Website Yet?


It’s hard to believe, but nearly one-third of small businesses (28 percent) don’t have a business website yet, according to a recent survey, the SurePayroll Scorecard. What’s holding them back — and why are they making such a big mistake? Here’s a closer look at some of the reasons small business owners don’t have websites.

More than four out of 10 (42 percent) small business owners surveyed say the web “really isn’t that important” to their businesses.
Reality: Today, the web is how customers search for and find businesses to patronize. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, they won’t find you — it’s that simple. A business website signifies that your company is legitimate. Especially among the Millennial and younger generations, businesses that don’t exist online simply don’t exist.

Nearly three-fourths (74 percent) of small business owners who do have websites say they don’t handle e-commerce on their sites.
Reality: Even if the bulk of your business is conducted in person, such as a retail store or restaurant, adding e-commerce functionality to your website can provide an added source of revenue. For example, you could try selling a limited amount of items from your retail store online, or expand your product line beyond what is available in the store by adding an e-commerce component to your site. A restaurant could sell logo T-shirts or proprietary sauces online to generate additional income. Even a service business, such as a personal trainer, can sell ancillary products such as workout gear or nutritional supplements online. There are many options for creating an e-commerce website without a lot of hassle.

About one-fourth (25 percent) of small business owners in the survey say they need help with their websites’ design, functionality and content.
Reality: There’s nothing wrong with getting help in building or maintaining your website — in fact, it’s a smart decision if you’re not tech-oriented or don’t have time to handle the DIY approach. Among those small business owners who do have websites, more than 70 percent say they outsourced the design and development of their websites rather than doing it themselves. For best results, look for a website design service that can handle everything for you, including providing photos and copy, submitting your website to local search directories, and updating the content as needed.

One thing that small business owners in the survey are doing right: Nearly three-fourths (74 percent) of those with small business websites report that their websites are mobile friendly, using responsive design. With consumers and B2B buyers alike performing more searches on their mobile phones, ensuring that your website is mobile friendly is a must. If you’re designing or redesigning your website, look for a website design service that offers mobile-friendly responsive design.


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