Web.com onboarding: step six – domain, SSL & email

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Web.com Team

Building an online presence for your business is a given challenge. But showing why your business is trustworthy is a whole other one.

Every online business needs solid trust signals, such as a professional email address, custom domain, and an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. The right domain name solidifies your branding, making you memorable to your audience. A professional email address adds credibility to your business and lets customers trust your brand. Finally, an SSL certificate encrypts online transactions and data transfers, assuring your customers of your website’s security. 

Position Yourself as a Trustworthy Brand

Establish your company’s reputation and increase your regular and loyal customer base. Find out how to set up and manage your domain, configure your SSL certificate and create and manage your business email in your Web.com account.  

Congrats on finishing step six! Let’s move on to step seven.

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