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6 steps on how to redesign a website

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Google states that now, more than ever, is the time to invest in your website or app. They claim that brand or retailer websites are among the “stickiest touchpoints throughout the customer journey.” But is your website offering the best online experience it possibly can? 

At, website design experts have the latest know-how and best practices to make sure your websites are top-notch. We’ve gathered six easy and concrete steps to get your website thriving in this exciting new normal. Click the link below to start designing your website with industry experts.

Redesigning your website is important for staying relevant in the digital landscape. An updated website enhances user experience, incorporating modern design elements and improved functionality. It reflects your brand’s evolution, aligning with current trends and customer expectations.

A well-executed redesign optimizes your site for mobile responsiveness, boosting SEO rankings and organic traffic. It also revitalizes your online presence, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. By investing in a website redesign, you not only attract and retain customers more effectively but also demonstrate your commitment to innovation and excellence in the eyes of your audience.

Plan for a positive return of investment (ROI)

“Every business owner wants a ROI,” exclaims Courtney Holmes, Marketing Strategist at Your website should be an open floodgate of opportunities, engagement, and growth. Holmes notes that when you partner with a website design agency, make sure you have an idea what you want and need. Now, you may not know exactly what it is you want and need—but your website design agency should have one thing in mind if they really want to help you: a positive ROI.

Get a website design that works for you

Andrew Potochnik, a Website Design expert from, shares, “If your goal is to drive people to your storefront, then we think about the best opportunities to achieve that goal.” If you want to get more bookings, your designer will probably put a form above the fold to make it easier for contacts to book your services. If you want to sell more products, then your designer will showcase your bestsellers on your homepage, since this will prove to be most advantageous

You only have a second to capture an online visitor,” Potochnik reiterates. “If you have a wall of text on your homepage, that is not going to make them stay.” Potochnik stresses to keep content that is relevant to your site and information that will build trust.


More visibility means more sales

Alicia Pringle,’s Senior Director for Online Marketing, lets you in on a secret: Good SEO is the way to go. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or the process of improving the quality and quantity of your website traffic from search engines. When you come up in the first page of a Google search result for your product or service, there is a big chance that these customers will browse your site and purchase. Pringle notes, “While you can DIY your way to the top of search engine charts, SEO experts can weed out what works and what doesn’t and customize the SEO work to your website and intended audience.” The formula is simple: the higher the visibility, the higher chance of sales.

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Time to get down and dirty

Refreshing your website may seem like an arduous feat, but the concrete tips and advice on this eBook will help you get even footing. If you prefer to go the DIY route with these tips, then you’ve got this! We’ll be here cheering for you all the way, along with this content-refreshing bible to help guide you in every step. However, you have helpful experts at that can help you on your journey – especially when things can seem overwhelming. 

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