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The Customer Buyer Journey: Download the Whitepaper

Customer service comes naturally to you. You know how to speak to customers, you learn their names, you show up on time and you can always get a laugh. 

But where did your customers come from? How did they find you? Why did they choose you? And will they continue to do business with you after you have completed your transaction?

If you want to continue growing and targeting your optimal small business customers, you need to be able to address these kinds of questions, especially when you consider that 75% of small business customers say small businesses need to understand their needs and emotions.

How customers become aware of a problem, what they do when they look for solutions and why they choose you to address their problems is what we call the “customer buyer journey.” It’s an important part of your business strategy, not just from a customer service standpoint, but also when it comes to creating a marketing strategy. 

Understanding the customer buyer journey is the topic of our latest whitepaper. Expect a thorough examination of each of the awareness, consideration and decision-making stages, along with smart ways to apply this information, turning it into an asset that engages and delights new and established customers. 

The post-COVID-19 world has changed how consumers approach the marketplace. Now more than ever, small businesses need to meet their customers online, using their website, email, social and other digital platforms to interact.

Your website gives you a space to create content that addresses your customers’ most important needs, answer frequently asked questions, make transactions and much more. 

Download our whitepaper for more stats, strategies and info you can use to keep your business thriving today and tomorrow.

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