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Artistic Pursuits Turned Booming Business With

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At, we work with businesses across all industries and believe that with the right tools, any business can thrive. 

When we met artist Kari Janiszewski, she was in search of a way to sell her custom live edge tables and paintings to a broader audience. She wanted to be seen as a real business, and this desire eventually brought her to start Kari’s One in a Million

Launching a business as a working artist brings its own set of unique challenges — especially when you’re looking to expand your reach. 

A Lifelong Love Affair With Art

For as long as Kari can remember, art has been her passion. Painting was her main focus until five years ago when she had the idea to try her hand at woodworking and make a chair for her son.

Kari found the experience so enjoyable she started doing more and more work with wood and trying her hand at making different things.

About a year ago, people started telling her that she should sell her art. She set up an Etsy store but didn’t see much traction. Kari began to wonder if setting up a website would be a better option. She didn’t know anything about websites so it seemed like a daunting task. 

Diving Into Website Building

After doing some research, Kari learned about and decided it was time to build a website so she could tell her story and take custom orders. Kari began creating her website and was shocked at how simple the process was.

“The website builder was extremely easy. It laid everything out for me. The themes especially helped me set up a look then tweak it to make it my own.” 

Kari’s business really started to take off once her website was launched. She was now able to not only share her artwork but also to give people the opportunity to better understand her creative process.  “When people watch the video on my website, they understand why I do what I do and how I do it. And, voila, they are immersed in my website and my work.” 

Kari now promotes her website everywhere she can: Instagram, Etsy and Facebook. People also find her through her Google My Business Page. 

With the ability to promote her website on so many channels, the orders are rolling in and keeping Kari very busy.  “I’m only one person making my art. One table can take weeks before it’s complete. Right now, I’m fully booked with custom orders coming from my website!”

Taking Things a Step Further

With business now booming, Kari was on the lookout for other ways to make her website and her business even better. Then an idea came by way of a email.

“I got an email from about setting up Google Analytics. They made it sound easy, so I tried it, and I actually got it set up! Now I can see my traffic and where it comes from, which has helped me refine my marketing efforts.”

Like anyone who isn’t the most technically inclined, Kari has had a few hiccups but was right there to assist her each time. 

“One time, I tried something technical that was a bit over my level of expertise, and I broke my site. I called customer support, and they had it back up in 10 minutes! I love that is there in case I need them.”

A Website Built for Everyday Life

While her website has been instrumental in the continued growth of Kari’s business, it’s brought other positives to her life as well.

“I’m a mom and am constantly going here and there. Running my business from my phone has allowed me to do both: take care of my kids and interact with my website. The mobile experience is seamless.” 

When we asked Kari what the best part of having a website has been, she had this to say: “People tell me, ‘Wow, your website is beautiful!’ — and they now see me as a real business.”


Image Credits

Featured Image: Unsplash / Ian Schneider
Image 1-2: via Kari’s One in a Million