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White Wagon Coffee Roasters: Growing One Bean at a Time With a Small Business Website

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No matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the world of entrepreneurship, starting a business always has its own unique set of hurdles.

Not too long ago, Ben Britten was in the early stages of launching his coffee business, White Wagon Coffee Roasters. Like many entrepreneurs, Ben knew that getting a website up and running was a must for his new business.

Here is Ben’s story.

A Passion Ignited

Ben’s father introduced him to coffee when he was 11 years old and his love affair with the bean began. 

Having been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, Ben had tried multiple medications and reacted poorly to all of them. But he soon discovered that drinking coffee actually helped negate some of his ADHD side effects.

Ben’s love of coffee continued throughout his teen years and into adulthood. When Ben became a nurse, he had to drink coffee to stay alert during his night shift. That led him to want to learn more about all things coffee and the obsession kicked into high gear.

This newfound interest started a journey of learning everything there was to know about coffee, from types of beans to brewing methods and more. At this point, coffee had become an expensive treat, so Ben started making coffee himself at home with a cast-iron skillet and the best grade of coffee beans he could find.

An Idea Was Born

As his family and friends got wind of his coffee-making hobby, they often joked that Ben would end up selling his coffee out of the back of his white Volvo. Three years later, his car served as the inspiration for his coffee business: White Wagon Coffee Roasters.

With the perfect name for his new business, Ben was ready to start taking the next steps towards getting his business up and running. As Ben explains, “At first, it was scary to sit down and figure out the cost of everything. Coming up with the business model for the company and sticking to it was key. But with hard work, determination and fighting through the hard moments of starting the business, fulfilling my dream feels like a bonus.”

It was while Ben was setting up his legal paperwork with our partners LegalZoom that he learned about and realized that he needed a website for his new business. 

Building an Online Presence

Ben quickly got his website up and running. As he explains, “ was so easy to work with. I was blown away. I wasn’t expecting a website that looked so clean and crisp.”

With the website up and running, Ben is working on getting more products onto his new site. When he needs changes made, he simply gets in touch with the team and we take care of everything for him so he can focus on the business.

white wagon storefront

“Having a great website means I’m taken seriously as a real business. It’s definitely not a hobby anymore. This business is what keeps my fire going, and I love what I’m doing with my life now.”

The Future Looks Bright

Now that he’s been in business for a few months, Ben is looking towards the future of White Wagon Coffee Roasters. As the business grows, his first goal is to have a franchise of mobile roasters that are trained to roast fresh coffee. He also wants to be a freshly roasted white label coffee producer. Eventually, the hope is that the brand becomes a major regional player in Maryland, the Virginias and the Carolinas.

Best of all, Ben has his website ready to grow with him and all of the tools and tech he needs to meet his business goals.

“I can’t wait to get my products on my website to sell. Today, I’m selling in local markets and working on getting my certificates to sell online. One step at a time! I’ll get there!” 

We can’t wait to see where Ben takes White Wagon Coffee Roasters next.

Image Credits
Feature Image: Unsplash / Karl Fredrickson
Image 1: via White Wagon Coffee Roasters