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#MilestoneMonday Interview: Linda Cintron of IT Firm Cintronics Shares Her Business Milestones

What are some of your most memorable business milestones? Share yours for a chance to be featured in one of our “#MilestoneMonday Small Business Spotlights!


A few weeks ago, we asked members of our community to share some of their most memorable business milestones for our new #MilestoneMonday Small Business Spotlights. Starting today, we’ll be sharing some of our favorites with our readers. Linda Cintron, Owner and President of Cintronics, was the first to submit one of her milestones and is the subject of our first spotlight! Keep reading for a little background on Linda and her business milestones.

Linda Cintron had been in the IT industry for more than 20 years, when in 2013, she began to think about starting her own consulting firm. Based out of Greenville, TX, about 45 minutes from North Dallas, Linda envisioned a company that would provide support for businesses needing IT Solutions ranging from desktop, to network, to internet security. Linda’s mission statement was to, “Provide customers with high quality support, while lowering costs & time” or put another way, to “Save money, with fewer headaches”! She reached out to that same month to create her own web site and launch her business. About a month later, her company, Cintronics, landed its first client.

What were your motivations for starting your own business?

“I figured I could control a lot more with my own business, than in the industry. I knew I had the skills to start my own consulting firm, so I figured now was as good a time, as ever.”

How did you land your first client?

“I went on a site for freelance technicians, from which I received many projects. My second client happened to be ABC Channel 8. That’s when I knew my business was meant to be.”

How did you hear about

“A TV advertisement came on, and it was a sign for me to move forward with my thoughts of starting a business.”

What were some of the challenges you faced before

“How to advertise with little money on hand. The TV advertisement from featured a promotion for a 30-day trial period. I immediately called and signed up after getting many of my questions answered. The first draft of my website was a work-in-progress, due to still learning my business. I wasn’t sure what all it would entail at that time, myself. But, they worked with me to find the right solution.”

How did partnering with help grow your business?

“I was able to work with to set up SEO, and with the refinement of keywords, was able to be discovered by my target customers.”

What was your biggest milestone?

“Through referrals, I was able to land T-Mobile as a business partner. Cintronics is now selling devices & services for businesses, exclusively as a T-Mobile Business Partner, another sign that my business was meant to be. We are still a young company, but are operating like we’ve been in business for a while.”