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Women in Business Tip: 3 Tips for Being a Mompreneur


Whether it’s out of financial necessity, a need to be their own bosses, or the desire to fill a need they see in the world, mompreneurs are making a statement that yes, they can have it all. With about 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the U.S., generating a remarkable $1.3 trillion in annual revenue, these moms are in the constant battle between running their businesses and families successfully. Here are 3 tips to claim victory:

  1. Surrender to the chaos. There’s never a perfect balance between work and home, especially when you have young children and/or a new business. Forgive yourself at the beginning and know there will be some school or home activities you will miss and some business trips you won’t be able to take. That’s where technology such as videoconferencing and cloud-based calendars come in handy.
  2. Ask for help. Whether it’s from your significant other, another family member or a friend, there’s no shame in asking for help once in a while. If you can’t pick up Billy from soccer practice, start a carpool. If you can’t attend a trade show, ask a trusted employee to go in your place. As long as you repay the favor, everyone will be glad to help.
  3. Build your business around the family. In most circumstances, as long as your family and business peers understand your demands a busy entrepreneur and mother, you’ll be forgiven for just about anything. In fact, it can even help your business marketing in ways you may never have thought of. Bloggers and journalists love a good mompreneur story. Make it clear on your website and in your business conversations how important family is to you, and reap the rewards.


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