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Women in Business Tip: Why You Should Start Your Business in a Startup Incubator


There are well over 1,000 business startup incubators throughout the U.S., most of them sponsored by academic institutions and economic development organizations. While women are making their imprint in the business world in record numbers, there is still a “confidence gap” that getting started in a small business incubator can fill. Incubators can help startup small businesses get help finding financing, research and getting a product to market. Start by looking for an incubator in your area, so they are familiar with your market; then look for one that specializes in your industry. You may also want to investigate incubators targeting women. For example, a new Chicago-based incubator especially for women, 1871’s FEMtech, is a cutting-edge incubator program that offers tailored content and mentorship for women-owned businesses.


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