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While starting a new business comes with obstacles, growing an established company can be equally challenging.

Rick and Joyce Beahm founded Top It Off, Inc., a countertop company in Cranberry Township, PA. in 1998. Together with their son, Cody, made strategic adjustments over the years to stay ahead of customer demand. 

Fine Tuning the Customer Focus

Top It Off, Inc. began as a stone slab wholesaler for retailers and contractors. The Beahms quickly discovered marketing custom-designed kitchen and bathroom countertops directly to homeowners brought more value to their customers and their company. To meet demand, they decided to focus on the highest quality stone, including unique granite, quartz and soapstone.

“We also wanted to design a whole new customer experience and educate them through every step of the process,” says Cody, who leads the company’s marketing efforts. “It can be difficult to understand all of your options—our goal is to make it easy and fun.”

It began with a new website.

Building a Website to Build More Business

The company already had a website, it didn’t complement the personalized customer service for which Top It Off, Inc. is recognized.

“We’re a custom design firm but websites are not our specialty,” says Cody. “We admired the work that was doing for other companies and reached out to them to see if they could do the same for us.”

After selecting the custom website design service, Cody partnered with pro services team to quickly and easily complete his new site from start to finish.

“They made things so effortless and easy,” says Cody. “It really mirrored the experience we want to have with our own customers.”

Cody collaborated with the team to communicate what he was looking for in a site and personally selected the designer. After the review and approval process, the new Top It Off, Inc. website was ready to facilitate the virtual customer experience.

Creating a Virtual Experience With Online Marketing

The Website Was Only the Beginning

To enhance the new website, Cody worked with our team to produce blog posts that include customer-focused topics and search engine optimization (SEO) keywords. These keywords helped Top It Off, Inc. to be ranked prominently on sites like Google, Yelp and Bing when customers search for local countertop designers.

Cody appreciates the internet tracking features that allow him to see how many people read blog posts and how much time online visitors spend each web page. It all equates to increased brand visibility. “The website was not a one-and-done proposition for Web. com. They are constantly coming up with ideas for new blog content and other ways to keep our brand in the public eye— makes it easy,” says Cody.

Cody and the team at Top it Off Inc. are only one example of the business owners we help every day! No matter what your need is, our expert services team is here to help your business succeed!

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