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Del Doddy has always had an exemplary work ethic and attitude. After staying busy with construction work during his teenage years, he brought that same spirit of dedication to the U.S. Marine Corps, proudly serving in a helicopter unit assigned to protect President Jimmy Carter. When he was honorably discharged, the ambitious Cincinnati native was ready to take on his next challenge – starting a new business and being his own boss. This is his story. 

Building a Tree Service Business from the Ground Up
Never one to stand still, Del decided to start a business that would allow him to bypass a 9 to 5 office routine and work in the great outdoors. He founded Perfect Cut Tree Service, a full-service arboricultural company. Like many small business owners, Del faced hardships getting started but persevered. “The Marine Corps gave me the ability to look at challenging circumstances and make something positive out of it,” he says. “I apply this attitude to my business today – it’s all about your mindset and approach.” 

When Del wanted to expand beyond the Cincinnati area and open a location in Georgia, he worked with a local web designer to develop a new website. The results did not meet his expectations and so, as someone with high standards, he began searching for a solution he could depend on. The answer he found would be even better than he expected.

Finding a Digital Partner That Was a Cut Above
Looking for a digital marketing partner who shared his dedication to excellence, Del discovered a promising possibility. “I searched online to find web builders and based on the appearance of the website I thought ‘this is someone we want to know,’” he says. “The website was more friendly and inviting than others I had seen – it had emotional appeal and intangible qualities that prompted me to learn more.” It was the beginning of a productive and strategic relationship.

Branching Out with New Websites and Online Marketing Resources

“ Worked with Me to Build a Digital Strategy.”
After selecting as his online marketing resource, Del decided to create a single website for both his Ohio and Georgia locations. However, the experts at guided him toward another approach. “ worked with me to build a digital strategy and determined I needed two sites for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes to make my businesses easier to find and to generate more leads in each market,” he says.

Del chose’s custom website design services option, which allowed him to provide input and direction as the team designed and built his site from start to finish. Next, helped Del understand the importance of Google Listings. “This feature really helps my businesses appear prominently on Google Maps and ensures people can quickly know where our businesses are located within each market,” he says. “Being highly accessible and responsive is very important in the tree cutting business.”

Achieving New Levels of Productivity
After his two new websites went live, the results helped Del raise his business to new levels of productivity. “Since I began working with, the leads are pouring in and I have more customers than I can handle – it’s a great problem to have,” he says. “They are proactive and have made the process easy. They have also proven that my websites can generate quality business inquiries.”

Del adds that his online marketing strategy has helped him expand his business beyond homeowners. “My online strategy has even helped me to gain an insurance company as a client, which was huge,” he says. “They found my business through a Google search and that shows my SEO approach is also working.” 

The Sky’s the Limit for Perfect Cut Tree Service

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Leveraging Strong Roots
While Del is excited about his business accomplishments, especially lately, his military experience and family background means he never rests on his laurels. “My grandfather was a construction worker and for eight hours every day, he carried a cement bag on his shoulder,” he says. “He earned five dollars a week and raised a family of six. His example inspires me to keep pushing forward and to make the most of every opportunity.”

Del says the new Georgia location gives him and his team the chance to expand their customer base and move into a warmer Southern market that will provide consistent, year-round service opportunities. But he will still remain dedicated to providing outstanding tree services during the cold Ohio winters. “Some people might say, ‘I don’t want to climb and cut that tree on such a cold day.’ I say deal with it,” he says. “You have to be tough and ready. I think this attitude is reflected in my websites.”

Looking Forward to Continued Growth
As he continues to grow his success story, Del is excited about the new Georgia market and confident his new websites will continue to represent his brand well and attract even more customers. “People thank me for being upfront and honest – I tell them the truth,” he says. “You could say my websites do the talking for me now, too.”

If you’re looking for a website and online marketing strategies to help you spread the word about your business, we can help and are always here to serve you – just ask Del. “I would not hesitate to highly recommend and refer them to other businesses who want to see results,” he says.

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