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One of the hardest things for a small business owner to do is constantly create new content for marketing. As I’m sure you’ve learned with your blog, once you start, you really need to keep it going.

Because I blog for not only myself but also for outlets like, I face an even bigger content creation challenge. My solution? Uncover and use the best of what other people have already written. In other words, curate content.

How to get started

Yes, you have to do some heavy lifting at the start – but it quickly goes faster and gets easier! First, subscribe to a lot of blogs and newsletters that are relevant to your industry. As you sift through them, start unsubscribing from anything you don’t learn from. You’ll quickly whittle down your must-read list.

One thing to note: Always attribute the information you share back to its original source, or you could be accused of piracy/theft/plagiarism/dishonesty and find your reputation in tatters. Remember, your goal is to do legwork, not steal.

Now that you have your top sources, here’s how to use curated content for marketing:

Share what you learn

When you come across a webinar, podcast, white paper, ebook, or SlideShare on a subject that will be of interest to your audience, watch it, listen to it, or read it. Jot down notes as you go and share what you learn in a blog post.

Compile a list of takeaways

I love reports, surveys, and articles that are full of statistics. I’ll pick out the data that is super relevant for my audience, analyze what it means for them, and position that analysis into a series of takeaways.

Create “best of” lists

Creating “best of” lists, especially when that includes information from recognized experts and thought leaders in your industry, is a super smart move. The ideas are really endless:

  • Best blogs on a specific subject
  • Funniest viral videos
  • Smartest advice
  • Most beautiful product packaging
  • Favorite restaurants for business meetings
  • Top yoga moves for relaxation

Just make sure whatever list you create is related to your industry and is relevant to your audience.

Do you use curated content for marketing? How else do you present the information so it’s fresh and relevant?

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