How to use the psychology of excitement to boost sales

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Creating excitement in your marketing content and campaigns is one of the best things you can do to boost sales. It all comes down to the simple and impactful science behind the psychology of excitement.

Here’s how it works:

When you’re excited, your emotions become so powerful that you are more likely to make a decision – good, bad or, otherwise. Excitement leads to impulsive decision-making, and that impulse to buy can be used to your advantage.

Here are four ways to use the psychology of excitement to boost sales:

1. Arouse strong emotions

Because we tend to make decisions when we’re feeling either a strong negative or positive emotion – anxiety, fear, joy, awe – think about how you want people to react when you’re writing copy for an ad, a title for a blog post, or a script for a video.

Approach this like a storyteller: set the scene, introduce your characters, outline a challenge/roadblock/obstacle, and share how your characters triumphed in the end. My favorite example of the power of emotions is this video, which has been viewed 6.6 million times to date.

2. Offer low prices and/or a great value

We browse the dollar aisle at Target (conveniently located at the entrance) before we actually start tackling our shopping list. We go to Marshall’s and TJMaxx before we hit the mall. We hit garage sales and Craigslist for bargain finds. We like low prices, because scoring a deal just feels great.

I’m not asking you to discount your prices, of course, but if you can demonstrate the incredible value you offer and/or bundle products and services for savings (cost and/or time), do it. You’ll win that sale every time.

3. Create urgency with scarcity

I have noticed that when I’m shopping online and see that there is only one or two of an item left, I am more likely to purchase it. That scarcity creates urgency, and you can use it to your benefit.

A special promotion, product, or service that is only available for a limited time or in a limited quantity will create a sense of urgency and compel people to buy it before it’s gone.

4. Reward progress

You know those loyalty reward programs that rack up points with each purchase, ultimately resulting in a free sandwich (Panera), latte (Starbucks), or exclusive freebies (Sephora)? Yup, that creates a level of excitement that makes people more likely to purchase.

This is easier to implement for a B2C business, but you can also do it if you’re B2B company. Maybe your clients on retainer get an service, or after they spend a certain amount of money, they get a Visa gift card as a thank-you.

Which tip are you most excited to try?

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