4 ways to get b2b buyers to buy from you online

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As B2B marketing and lead generation increasingly moves online, what are the most effective tactics for getting B2B buyers to buy from you online? DemandGen’s study of B2B buying preferences spotlights the four strategies that matter most:

  1. Optimize your website for mobile. While this is old news for B2C companies, B2B buyers, too, increasingly use mobile phones or tablets to view ecommerce sites. Some 56 percent say they “frequently” use mobile phones and 42 percent frequently use tablets when researching purchases or buying from B2B vendors. A whopping 85 percent (up from 69 percent last year) say they require mobile-optimized content.
  2. Use peer pressure. B2B buyers rely on their peers’ opinions when making decisions. In fact, the study says peer referrals are the number-one factor influencing B2B purchases. (Online search, industry publications and LinkedIn followed in declining order.) Use online testimonials, ratings and reviews, or link out to user reviews of your products and services. Also be sure to track what people are saying about your products or services on social media and amplify that to your B2B audience.
  3. Keep it short and simple. B2B buyers are busy—that’s why they’re researching purchases on their phones, after all. Some 72 percent admit they are spending less time on research before buying. No wonder 95 percent would rather get their information from short content that’s easy to understand (think infographics) vs. struggling with long-form content such as ebooks or webinars.
  4. Practice good SEO. The majority of B2B buyers in the survey start their research by doing an online search. Sixty-one percent start with a general search, and 41 percent use specific vendor websites. The Web far outweighs industry guides, media sites or social media as a starting point. Make sure your business ranks high for keywords your prospective customers are searching for. Once they’ve purchased from you the first time, keep reaching out to them so they’ll start their search at your website next time.

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