5 web design tips to help your brand stand out

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Your website is your home base online. It’s often the first place people go to learn more about who you are and what you do. For this reason, it’s the ideal opportunity for you, the small business owner, to create a strong connection with prospective clients.

These five Web design tips can really help your brand stand out – and leave a great impression:

Use color that conveys what your brand stands for

Much has been written about the psychology of color, because it sends subtle signals about who you are and what your brand stands for. Here’s a quick overview of what certain colors imply:

  • Red: You are a go-getter who does things that get noticed.
  • Orange: You have a lively mind and are fearless, restless, and popular (but not as outgoing as red).
  • Yellow: You are witty and clever with an eye for detail and a commitment to learning.
  • Green: You speak your mind and are focused on building community and a strong reputation.
  • Blue: You have a lot of self-control and are smart and reliable with many admirable traits.
  • Purple: You are quirky, artistic, and a true individual.
  • Turquoise/teal: You are inviting, charming, and very creative.
  • Pink: You are protective, nurturing, and inspiring.
  • Brown: You speak your mind and are reliable.
  • Gray: You are sophisticated and value tradition.
  • Black: You are enigmatic, refined, and convey a seductive beauty.

Use ne contrasting color

Pick a contrasting color that will add visual interest and – more importantly – help calls-to-action stand out. Don’t worry, your contrasting color will not negate the message that your main color is sending!

Use images that evoke emotions

The images you use on your website create an emotional connection between your brand and website visitor – if you use the right images. Unfortunately, if your images are bland stock photos, people will view your brand as completely dull and uninspired.

Push yourself – or your Web designer – to find gorgeous, unusual images or illustrations that incorporate your brand’s color palette (see above) and convey a mood or feeling that you want associated with your brand.

Make sure your pricing is clear and bold

The last time you bought an airline ticket, were you shocked and outraged at all the random fees tacked on when it came time to hit the buy button – fees that could just as well have been rolled into the ticket price? (The one that I hate the most – paying to check a bag. That’s just ridiculous.)

Don’t leave your clients feeling the same way. Be completely upfront about your pricing right on your website. List everything that is included and use language that is clear and straightforward.

Use fonts that are easy to read – and uniform

A lot of Web design focuses on improving the user experience, and font plays a big role – style, size and color.

  • Style: You might like the vintage look of Courier, but for the vast majority of your content, consider sticking with fonts that are easier on the eyes, like Arial and Verdana.
  • Size: Stick to one size for headers, one for subheads and one for the body content. It’s amazing how many small businesses don’t follow this basic rule. Failure to do so looks very sloppy and unprofessional.
  • Color: For the love of pizza, please don’t use crazy colors. Sure, a color pulled from your overall palette is nice for headings and subheads, but if your site starts looking like a class of kindergarteners went crazy with the Crayola, you went too far.

What will you do to ensure your brand stands out online?

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