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10 stunning website templates for your business

Diana Alcanzar

The thought of website building may be intimidating, especially for small business owners like you. All you may be thinking about is the complex coding that comes with it. Good thing there are templates that will help you build your website without difficulty. All you need is to choose which templates suit your industry to start building your website.  

What are templates? templates are pre-made, industry-appropriate templates you can use to build your website quickly and easily. These templates contain the basic structure of a website, including a design, layout, color scheme, and font styles. Then you can customize these to suit your specific needs, which involves adding your own content, changing the colors, modifying design elements, or integrating additional features. 

Plus, these templates don’t require you to have coding experience. So, it isn’t as intimidating as you think it would be. All you need to do is drag and drop website elements to wherever you want them on the page. These are all possible when you subscribe to a scalable Website Builder plan. 

10 website templates for every industry offers a diverse range of website templates tailored to meet your business’s specific needs. These industry-specific templates are designed to capture the unique essence of each sector and enhance the online presence of professionals and businesses within these fields. 

  1. Education. Templates designed for educational institutions feature a structured layout for course information, faculty profiles, and student resources. These templates help schools, universities, and training centers present their programs attractively and informatively. 
  1. Hotels and Restaurants. These templates offer elegant designs with features for online reservations, menus, and customer reviews, helping establishments in this industry showcase their establishment and offerings effectively. 
  1. Charities and Non-profits. Tailored for non-profits, these templates focus on storytelling, donor engagement, and event promotion. They provide easy-to-navigate designs for showcasing missions, success stories, and donation options. 
  1. Fashion and Beauty. Highlighting aesthetics, these templates offer vibrant and modern designs ideal for showcasing fashion collections, beauty products, and services, making them perfect for boutiques, salons, and fashion designers. 
  1. Construction. These templates offer robust, professional designs with features for project portfolios, service outlines, and client testimonials, helping businesses build a trustworthy online presence. Construction sites allow you to include a dedicated section to showcase your detailed project portfolios, visually demonstrating your expertise and past successes. You can also include pages to display your range of services, specialties, and client testimonials to establish credibility and trust with potential clients. 
  1. Photography. Photography templates are focused on images, offering extensive gallery spaces to display portfolios. These are ideal for photographers to showcase their work in high resolution while keeping the site and navigation simple and clean
  1. Arts and Design. These templates provide creative layouts ideal for artists and designers, featuring portfolio sections, artist bios, and an online store option for selling artworks or design services. 
  1. Real Estate. Real estate templates are equipped with features for property listings, agent profiles, and contact forms. These help realtors and agencies to display properties attractively and accommodate easy inquiries. 
  1. Health and Wellness. Designed for clinics, wellness centers, and personal trainers, these templates offer a calming aesthetic with functionalities for booking appointments, service listings, and sharing health tips and articles. 
  1. Retail Business. Retail templates provide a seamless shopping experience with features for product catalogs, shopping carts, and secure checkouts. These are ideal for online stores to display products and manage sales efficiently. 

Building your website with How to get started  

Make website-building with a breeze by following these steps: 

1. Head on to the website templates page and click Pick a plan. 

2. On this page, you can enter your existing domain, register a new one, or choose a domain later.

3. Choose your preferred plan from these packages, then click Add to cart.  

4. Review your cart items on this page and click Continue to checkout. 

5. Provide your information and once done, click Submit payment. Existing customers should log into their accounts on this page. 

Once you’ve logged in to your account, this is what you’ll see. Click the eCommerce tab on the left-hand pane. 

6. Scroll down and click Manage store. 

7. On the left-hand pane, you can see different tabs that allow you to modify your website. Click Website. 

8. Now, on to designing your site! First, click on Templates. Choose your preferred template then click View Template then select Start Building. 

9. You will then be redirected to the website builder. Feel free to customize your template to match your brand’s tone, colors, and design.  

Click on each block and you’ll see this menu on the side: 

This is where you can change the layout of your blocks, background, move it anywhere on the page, duplicate, or delete it. Highlighting a text will display a different menu for text customization: 

Discover the cutting-edge feature of’s website builders—the AI Writer option! This innovative tool brings a new level of creativity and efficiency to your website creation process, setting your site apart with smart, automated content generation. After modifying your website, click Publish. 

Congratulations! Now your website is up and running for your customers. 

Going back to the Website tab, you’ll see your published website. Here, you can edit, rename, duplicate, or unpublish it.  

Unlock the full potential of your online presence with our Website Builder article to discover how this amazing tool can transform your website and elevate your online presence. 

Build your branded website in minutes! 

Gone are the days where you need to have coding experience before you can create a website. Now, experience the ultimate convenience with’s drag-and-drop website builders and ready-to-use templates. Creating your professional website has never been easier or faster, enabling you to launch your online presence effortlessly. 

Of course, there are a lot of solution providers out there, but make sure to choose the one that offers reliable services to ensure you get nothing but the best. Subscribe to any of our affordable Website Builder packages today!  

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