How’s pro services team took everything pool tables’ ppc strategy to the next level

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At, we’re committed to helping our customers hit their business goals. Whether it’s SEO, PPC (pay per click) or getting your site up and running efficently, we want to help! 

How we help with PPC strategy

When our friends at Everything Pool Tables, a billards moving and restoration company, came to us, they had a goal to receive more leads for their business. Our Pro Services team knew just what to do – implement a strong PPC strategy!

What we implemented

Our Pro Services team set out to expand their target market to include highly populated and higher-income areas within their larger market.

Where they saw improvement:

Increased number of site clicks

Increased number of calls

Increased number of email leads

Why you need a PPC strategy

Sure, you can build your own website or come up with your own PPC strategy. But, our Pros are ready to take on the website design and marketing, giving you the peace of mind knowing industry experts are hard at work on your goals and give you your time back to focus on your business! offers a full suite of Professional Services to boost your business. From re-designing your website to managing your online marketing, is your partner in online success!

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