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  • You have a great new business website and you’re ready to put it to work.
  • Adding new features and enhancing your website design will attract more customers. 
  • is here to help, with small business website builder tips to help you enhance your online presence.

What began as a curious search ended with a great result – you finally found the right website builder. There were a lot of choices out there but you weren’t ready to settle. You asked the right questions, did some research and ultimately decided on an option that works for you. 

Thanks to the website builder, you now have a beautiful new site that is attracting customers, helping you generate more revenue and is a great reflection of your brand. Now you’re ready to do more. As your business continues to grow you want your website to expand with it. The good news is that the website builder is designed to do just that. With a little guidance and direction, you can make your site work even harder for your business.

If you are still in the process of developing your site, you will find this information helpful. If you already have a site and are ready to do more with it, read on. The Technical Support Team receives questions from small business owners just like you. Here are answers to some of the most common ones. 

How to Update a Business Logo on Your Homepage

1. Hover over the template logo and click Edit.


2. Click Upload to add your new logo.

3. Drag and drop your logo into the Upload section and click Select.

4. Click Apply to make this change.

How to Add New Features to Your Homepage Menu

1. Click Layout, then click Menu. Explore the Settings button to change the menu’s appearance.


2. Create additional features by clicking Add Features.


3. Type the name for your new menu button (like “Get a Quote”) in the text box.


4. Link your new button to a URL address within your site and hit Enter to activate it within your menu bar.


How to Add Social Media Buttons to Your Homepage Footer

1. Click Build, then click Social, then drag and drop the Social Buttons icon into the Footer section of your website.

Small Business Website Builder Tips From the Experts

2. Access the buttons section by clicking Edit. You can choose to add or remove social network buttons and drag the buttons up or down to change the order.

3. Click Design to set the alignment, size and hover color. You can also change the social button style.

4. Click Edit to connect each button to your social media accounts. You can also choose to have each social button to open in a new tab. Click Apply to activate your social media buttons.

How to Set Up an Online Store

1. Access the sidebar grid and select Store.

2. Choose what product offerings you want to display. Add product headings, descriptions, photos and pricing. Organize by category and post each offering.

3. Offer your customers popular payment methods like PayPal and major credit cards and add SSL certificates to provide a convenient and secure online shopping experience.

4. Manage, edit, delete or change your products anytime. Create discount codes, offer free shipping and other special deals. Track inventory and know the status of your product supply.

A Better Small Business Website Builder, By Design 

By following these tips, you’ll set your website up for success. At, our technical support team is always here to help you make the most of your online presence. Let us know how we can help you design your own success. 

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