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business name generator

Try our AI Domain Name Generator tool

Use the power of AI to find new and creative domain name ideas.

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Finding the perfect domain has never been easier

Our AI-powered domain name generator is designed to help you brainstorm for the perfect domain. Just enter some phrases, descriptions, sentences—whatever! And we’ll serve up a variety of different word combinations to find the domain that’s right for you!

Create the perfect business name with our AI generator

The right business name should set you apart from the competition and be memorable for your customers.

Know your audience

Your business name depends on the type of customers you want to reach. Our AI Domain Name Generator can help you set the right style and tone.

Keep it simple

The best brand names are short and sweet. Try putting different word and phrase combinations into the AI generator to find something that stays in people’s minds.


Make it memorable

As you brainstorm ideas, try to visualize your brand name with fresh eyes. Would you remember it? Use the power of AI to find a domain name that stands out.

Understand the competition

In order to stand out from other businesses in your industry, you need to know what your competition is doing. Use your brand name to show your customers how you’re different.

The basics of great branding

You don’t have to spend hours brainstorming the perfect name for your brand. Use our AI Domain Name Generator to find a name that sets you up for success.

Differentiate your business

Break through the competition and grab your customers’ attention with the perfect name. Our AI Domain Name Generator can take the guesswork out of the process.

Define your identity

Think of all the ways your business can affect potential customers. Use that to inform how our AI tool generates names for your brand. The right name will leave a great impression.

Communicate with customers

Your business name is one of the first opportunities you have to connect with your audience. Use AI to find a domain name that defines your brand identity for your customers.

AI domain generator

Frequently asked questions

Get the answers you need right away.

The AI domain name generator works by leveraging OpenAI technology. Users can describe the kind of business the domain name is for, and the generator suggests keyword-based domain names. If preferred, users can request descriptive brand names instead of keyword-based names.

Yes, the domain name generator can suggest available domain names. It combines AI technology with's expertise as a domain name provider, offering small businesses an efficient and tailored approach to finding relevant and available domain names.

To find a brandable name using a domain name generator, you can update the prompt by specifying that you want an evocative brand name instead of using keywords. The generator will then provide suggestions based on brandable names that align with your business description.

The tool provides suggestions based on the given criteria, but it is up to the you to check the availability and register the domain name if desired.

Yes, you can specify certain keywords or criteria for the domain name generator to consider. By describing your business or website, you can guide the generator to suggest domain names that align with your specific preferences and requirements.

Yes, a domain name generator can help you brainstorm ideas for your business or website. By providing a few words to describe your business, the AI-powered Domain Name Generator offers the best ideas on domain names, saving you time and effort in the brainstorming process.

If you find a domain name or brand name you like generated by the tool, you should act quickly and register the domain! If it's available, you can register the domain here on