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New Leads: Why it Pays for Financial Consultants to Use Online Marketing Team
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Key Takeaways

  • Online marketing is an easy, affordable and effective way to implement profitable technology into your business.
  • Acquire leads and increase revenue with a well-designed website.
  • Build a business following and brand loyalty with social media and blog posts.
  • Identify niche markets and target audiences that play to your business strengths. 


Consider this: only 28 percent of Americans are financially healthy. Fifty-five percent are struggling with some aspects of their financial lives and nearly 20 percent consider themselves to be “financially vulnerable.” In addition, nearly 70 percent of Americans are not financially prepared for retirement

From financial counseling to stock market investments and retirement planning, financial consultants offer an important and valuable service. Of the 300,000 financial advisors in the U.S., nearly half are over the age of 55 and many are seemingly reluctant to embrace workplace technologies. If you fall into this category, there are easy and effective ways to implement technology into your business, including online marketing.

If you have already embraced online marketing in the highly competitive financial services space, an opportunity exists to do even more to develop new leads and stay ahead of the competition. Here are ideas to help you break away from the financial pack.

Online Marketing: A Smart Investment in Your Business

Dividends of Online Marketing
One of the main challenges facing financial consultants today is clearly communicating a unique value proposition (UVP) that separates them from competitors. Many successful financial advisors are gaining affordable and effective results through online marketing. 

Having a well-designed website and a marketing strategy to drive more qualified leads to your site and business is a key element for building customer relationships and generating greater revenue. Online marketing helps you differentiate yourself from a crowded market, expand your reach and enhance your brand reputation. 

Take Stock of Your Website
There are nearly 30 million results for “financial advisor” in Google search directories. A website is the hub of your financial brand, the core of your online marketing business and typically the first way people will connect with your business. Making a positive first impression is the first step in converting prospects into clients. 

You need a well-designed website. If you don’t have a site, makes it easy to create one with website packages featuring an easy to use website builder. If you need expert assistance,’s Professional Services can capture everything that is unique about your financial consulting company and design a site for you. 

How? Try these simple tips. Your website should set you apart from other financial consultants by highlighting your areas of financial expertise, promoting your experience and years of service and allowing site visitors to get to know you and your team. Think of it this way: if you will be asking a prospect to trust you with a highly personal issue like their child’s college fund strategy, your website needs to make them feel you are someone they can depend on and relate to with empathy.

Elements of a Valuable Financial Consultant’s Website

  • Informational – Clearly explains your role. 
  • Impactful – Conveys the benefits your clients will receive.
  • Personalized – Introduces yourself and why you are unique.
  • Lead Generating – Attracts qualified customers.
  • Brand Building –Distinguishes your business and builds brand loyalty.


Value Social Media
Like your website, establishing a positive social media presence is essential to engaging clients and prospects. Keep your social posts polished and professional, yet fun. While keeping in mind that your social sites are business focused, it’s permissible for your followers to get to know you personally, as long of course as it always reflects positively on your brand. 

Since you are in an extremely professional business, LinkedIn may be your best option for social posts. One of the leading social media networks for generating customer leads, LinkedIn can help you extend your reach, attract qualified prospects, build client relationships and generate greater revenue. Having a business account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may also serve you well by reaching a cross-section of prospects and clients.

When setting up your business account, go to the social media site and sign up using your business name, business email, a memorable password and a username. Your username should be your business name or something very similar so your brand is instantly recognizable. Next, set up your account profile – have your logo and a brief description of your business ready to insert into this section. This instantly identifies your brand and informs potential customers about who you are the solutions you offer. 

Be sure to keep your business account social profiles updated with the latest photos and information about your business, service offerings, contact information and a link to your website and email address. Make it easy for your clients and prospects to find you and learn more about your business and reach out to you when they are ready.

Improve Your Credibility Score 
Nearly half of investors say trust is one of the main reasons why they selected their advisor. With so many advisors and consultants to choose from today, you will need a solid content plan to help you surpass your competitors. Content is a key to your online presence and might be the difference in a potential client selecting you over a competitor

Since trust is such a major issue with clients, consider initiating a blog to add value. Your blog content should be located on your website. If you have a website through, you can set up a blog within your site or add a content management system like a Wordpress website (available through to start blogging.

For each blog, create a headline that will attract reader attention and include photos and graphics to keep readers engaged with your content. If you need help with writing your blog, work with a trusted employee or freelance writer who understands your vision. Be consistent with your blog and be sure to promote each post on social media with a link to the article on your website. 

Your blog will go a long way in building trust and establishing you as a thought leader. Create posts about your background and expertise and let your readers know more about you and the team they will be working with. 

Write about and comment on industry trends often to keep your brand top of mind with customers – this will help your online search ranking on Google, Yelp and other search engines and make it easier for clients and prospects to find your business. Position yourself as a financial thought leader in your blog content by sharing your experiences and how you helped your clients. Show your personal side in handling situations like setting up a trust or initiating a 401K program. 

Explore Niche Markets 
Play to your strengths. Identify and target your ideal audiences like baby boomers, millennials and generation X and Ys. Target specific markets like physicians, lawyers and other categories then craft messages addressing their specific needs and communicate to them through online directories and channels.

For example, platforms like OneKey™ for physicians and Leopard List for lawyers provide you with a database of prospect names, their areas of expertise and email addresses. By identifying prospective clients that best match your service offerings and contacting them via email campaigns, you’ll be one step ahead in creating positive and productive client relationships.

Build a Valuable Brand

You offer important financial services to clients who understand your value. The key is to clearly distinguish yourself from the competition and build a brand that connects with your target audience. By taking stock of your online marketing, you can generate new leads and gain market share over your competitors.

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