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6 Blog CTAs the Smart Marketers Use

Monika Jansen
Smart marketer (in the making!)

Do you add a CTA, or call-to-action, at the end of your blog posts? Great! Are you getting the number of leads you need to hit your sales goals? Hmmm, well, if not, it looks like there could be room for improvement.

Don’t feel bad, though: It is easy to get stuck in a rut using the same one or two CTAs, like urging readers to “contact us” even if they’re not yet ready to make a purchase or download an ebook that is two years old.

Let’s take your blog’s CTAs up to the next level. Here are 6 blog CTAs the smart marketers use to engage their readers – and help them take action:

1. What do you think?

I use this type of CTA all the time, because it’s a great way to engage readers and get a conversation going. At the end of your blog post, ask readers what they think about the topic – do they have more tips to add, other useful advice or ideas, etc.

2. Follow us on social media

If people are really digging the content in your blog, make it easy for them to extend the relationship to social media. Invite readers to follow you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Sweeten the deal by reminding them what type of content they’ll enjoy on your different social media channels.

3. Tweet this

A lot of bloggers have started adding “Tweet this” CTAs to clever, useful, funny, or interesting sentences in their blogs. You can use ClickToTweet to do this in your own blog posts.

4. Subscribe to our blog

This is a no-brainer CTA, but I think it’s one that is easy to forget. Remind readers that they can subscribe to your blog and receive your posts on a regular basis; link to the landing page where they can sign up.

5. Learn even more in our new ebook

If you have an ebook, white paper, guide, or some other useful piece of content on the subject you just blogged about, offer it as a free (of course!) download. Again, link to the landing page where they can download it (and where you can capture their contact information).

6. Take advantage of our promotion

Whether you have a limited-time promotion, free consultation or demo, or first-time buyer discount, offering it at the end of a blog post is another smart idea to try out. It could tip your reader from “maybe” to “yes!”

What other CTAs do you like to use at the end of your blog posts? Share your tips below!


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