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Design Assets
& Guidelines


Logo   |   Color   |   Typeface   |   Photography   |   Business Confetti   |   Voice and Tone

Brand Positioning: Human Element

Concept: Make the Web Work for You

Where some embrace the bottom line, stands out by embracing the human element; the customer connections which, we believe, are the fibers of every business. This belief is the foundation of how our teams work with each customer, from big to small and everything in between. We listen, then apply our expertise to deliver solutions that strengthen our customer’s relationships, and ultimately, their business no matter where they are in their online journey. 

We’re successful if we empower customers to connect with more, more often, and in more meaningful ways. We also provide award winning professional services to take your online presence to the next level.


We like to keep our brand feeling happy, playful and friendly by using the following color palette. 

Primary colors


Full color spectrum


“Work Sans” is a Google font with 10 weights. The core of the fonts are optimised for on-screen medium-sized text usage (14px-60px) – but still can be used in print well. The fonts extreme weights are designed more for display use. 

Work Sans





Photography should focus on the benefit brought to customers by working with customers should see themselves and their businesses within communications.

When searching for photography, keep the following brand attributes in mind: dynamic, connections, happy, honest, human, meaningful communications, partnerships, positive, potential, quality, relationships, (tailored) solutions, and transparent.

Photography should be happy, bright, human, and approachable in both subject and perspective. It should not feel overly staged. Note that while images may include technology, it should not feel like the primary focus.

Business Confetti

While celebration styled stock photos are great for our brand, we are not afraid to bring the party to your online presence — no matter what industry you’re in! 

Business confetti is a way to show excitement, growth, movement within our imagery to help build the brand and engage the customer. 

Below we’ve compiled ways to use confetti within the images. Get ready to add extra sparkle and pizzaz to your visuals!

Exclamation mark = excitement, celebration

Mouse cursor = technical, relates to the platform/website building

Bullseye = seo, business listings

Stars = growth, success, dreams

Image of a professionally designed website with marketing analytics in the background
Happy couple in work shirts and work goggles with an image of a website in the background

Confetti rules

The confetti should compliment the imagery. As used in the examples aboves, the confetti should sit closely to the image. Use to showcase an emotion, confetti can be used around the peoples heads and use the icons that represent the product and emotion.

Large confetti stars can be used in backgrounds with transparency to help fill the area.