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Four Essential Digital Marketing Strategy Tips from

Gone are the days where marketing a small business only required an offline marketing strategy. These days, it’s absolutely vital to the success of your small business that you have a website and a sound digital marketing strategy. We have our own Digital Marketing Agency right here at that offers premium solutions for businesses searching for a well-rounded, custom strategy. We’re here to help – and here are our four essential digital marketing tips!

Tip #1: SEO and PPC can work together. Think SEO and PPC are two very separate digital marketing strategies? Think again. Use SEO to build out SEO-friendly landing pages that PPC traffic can land on. Use the keyword metric for PPC to determine keywords that have a high click-through-rate that you can use for SEO.

Tip #2: Merge Social Media into the offline world. Have a physical business location? Then yes, social media actually does have an offline component, whether you’re a small business or a digital marketing agency like! Use social media to place a spotlight on key in-store employees, show off photos of your brick and mortar location, and even have contests that take social media followers in-store to win.

Tip #3: Sign in-store customers up for Email Marketing. Remember having a notebook by the cash register for customer addresses? Add this into your digital marketing strategy. Ask them for their email address and include signage noting that by giving their email address, they’re consenting to receive periodic emails. Then, be sure to send regular emails (no more than once per week) to your subscriber base on industry tips, promotions, news, and in-store updates.

Tip #4: Use analytics tools to determine digital marketing strategy success. Don’t guess at how your digital marketing agency or strategy is performing – use the tools! From Google Analytics to Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics, digital media is very trackable. So don’t assume you know how your digital marketing is performing – investigate the analytics so that you know the facts.’s Digital Marketing Agency is here to help you succeed online. Our expert digital marketing team will craft a custom strategy for your campaign, whether it’s a new website design, PPC or SEO campaign, advanced social media, or Email Marketing - or all of these combined. We’re here to help you in your success.