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    All the domains you're looking for are taken, but keep searching and you'll find your perfect match.

    Look who's popular

    All the domains you're looking for are taken, but keep
    searching and you'll find your perfect match


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* The price includes a one-time, non-refundable set-up fee and annual subscription fee for the Service per each domain name requested for backorder. Network Solutions reserves the right to waive or discount the set-up fee at any time. The price does not include the cost of the actual domain name. If the domain name is acquired, the cost of the one-year domain name registration will be charged to your credit card or other payment method on file. Network Solutions does not guarantee that you will obtain the domain name through this Service.

Why do I want more than one extension?

We recommend purchasing multiple extensions of your domain. By claiming as many domains associated with your brand as possible, you ensure your customers can easily find you online. This helps protect your brand and prevents others from affecting its reputation.

With more than one domain, you can use web forwarding to point your visitors to other online destinations associated with your business, such as social media accounts. This broadens your web presence and gives your customers more opportunity to explore your business.

What's a premium domain?

Premium Domain Names are priced higher than unregistered domains based on certain criteria such as the domain's history, demand, relevancy, keyword strength and traffic potential. This premium price is a one-time cost that includes an extra renewal year added to the term for $19.99. You may add more renewal years to the term for $19.99 per year at the time of initial purchase. Renewals made after the initial term has expired will cost the standard Network Solutions renewal pricing.

What's a premium domain?

Premium Domain names may have unique pricing based on various criteria, and may have non-uniform renewal registration pricing such that the renewal fee for a domain may differ from other domain names with the same extension. Renewal pricing for any such Premium Domain shall be at the then-current rate. The current renewal rate for this domain is $, subject to change at the discretion of Network Solutions and/or the applicable registry.

.XXX Domains

Your order contains a .XXX domain name. For each .XXX domain name, please select if you would like your domain name to resolve (host a live website) or not. In order for your domain name to resolve, you need to complete the Sponsored Community Membership Application Process and enter your membership ID in the Domain Details page in the Account Manager.


If at any point you would like to become a member of the Sponsored Community and host a live website on your .XXX domain name, please send an email to [email protected] and request a Sponsored Community membership email.

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