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Domain Privacy

A shield for your private information 

We'll mask your personal information on the WHOIS database, protecting you from spam, fraud, and more. 

$15/year per domain name 

Offer Details

This promotional pricing is valid for up to two (2), one-year domain name registrations per account, per year. Service will automatically renew until feature is cancelled. Current renewal is $38.00/year. Offer valid only for (1) domain names registered with; (2) .com, .net, .org, .info, or .biz extensions (.co also available for additional fee); and (3) generally available domain names and not for any Premium Names.

Domain names registered on a first-come, first-served basis. No guarantees that domain name will be available or accepted by registry. Offer is limited to two (2) domain name registrations cannot be combined with any other domain name offer, service upgrade or free trial. For further details, see Services Agreement for additional details.

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Man looking at laptop smiling overlapping a display of a website and a display showing his personal information hidden from public

How does Domain Privacy work?

Let people find your domain, not your name. When you add Domain Privacy, your information is masked from the public WHOIS database and replaced with an alternate contact. 

Display of your personal information that shows what the public can see without private domain registration
Display showing your personal information hidden from public view

Defend your data with Domain Privacy

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Trustworthy security

Unlike other services, we own the patent for Private Registration. You’ll have total control of your domain with security you can trust.

Reliable privacy

We safely mask your personal information on the WHOIS database, protecting against unauthorized access to your website and domain. 

Anti-spam assurance

Once we mask your name, address, email, and phone number, you’re safer from spammers, bots, and domain-related threats. 

Frequently asked questions

Get the answers you need right away.

WHOIS is part of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization that governs domain name registrations. ICANN provides the WHOIS online database, making it easy for anyone to determine who owns a domain name, their contact information, and other relevant information about the domain. Originally, this was created as a simple way to verify a website’s legitimacy and allow people to contact business owners about domain names. However, it’s also a way for spammers to use your personal information against you. 

Yes, all your domains should be protected with Domain Privacy. This is because each domain name has a unique listing on the WHOIS, meaning each one needs to be protected individually in order to ensure your information is not listed online. 

You can purchase Domain Privacy any time, as long as the domain you want to protect is eligible and active (not expired). We recommend you purchase Domain Privacy at the same time as your domain, since spammers often scrub WHOIS listings for new registrations and find your information immediately. If your domain isn’t protected, you can start receiving spam, sometimes even the same day you register your domain. However, if you already own a protected domain, purchasing Domain Privacy removes your information from the database, preventing more spammers from finding it.

Most domain extensions allow for Domain Privacy. This includes popular extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .co, .biz, .info, and so many others! Here’s the full list of TLDs that support Domain Privacy.

Domain Extensions that Do Support Domain Privacy


Registrars that offer proxy services hide the listing by becoming the domain name holder themselves. This means that they have full control over the domain name. With, the domain name remains registered in your account with full management capabilities.