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.store domain

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Step into the digital marketplace with a .store domain extension

Tailored for the new-age retailers and eCommerce enthusiasts, .store is your gateway to the online shopping world. Since its introduction, .store has been the go-to extension for brands, eCommerce platforms, and local artisans wanting to establish an online retail presence. As a top-level domain, .store is direct, impactful, and immediately signifies your business purpose. Embrace the future of eCommerce with .store!

How to optimize your .store for eCommerce success

Perfect for digital storefronts of all sizes, shape your .store domain with these strategies to enhance online traffic and shopper engagement.

Incorporate eCommerce cues: Use product categories, bestselling items, or your brand essence to derive a .store domain that resonates with shoppers.

Adapt and iterate: If your primary .store name selection is taken, our domain search tool provides creative alternatives to keep your brand vibrant.

Be concise and compelling: Shoppers recall succinct and memorable domain names, making them more likely to revisit.

Preserve your eCommerce brand: Lock down common misspellings and associated extensions of your domain, like .com, to ensure a consistent brand experience.

Opt for Domain Privacy: Ward off unsolicited emails, calls, and outreach stemming from the WHOIS database.

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Frequently asked questions

Get the answers you need right away.

A .store domain is specifically tailored for businesses that focus on sales, be it digital or physical products. Just as empowers businesses with digital tools, a .store domain underscores your brand's eCommerce intent, inviting customers directly to where transactions happen.

Everyone! From budding entrepreneurs to established e-Commerce giants, ensures that .store is accessible to all. It's especially apt for brands wanting a clear and direct selling proposition in their domain name.

Absolutely! The .store domain clearly communicates commerce, offering immediate clarity to visitors. Aligned with's commitment to clear online branding, .store helps businesses instantly convey their sales-centric mission.

With, safety is a priority. Securing your .store domain with us ensures you benefit from our two decades of expertise, ensuring your eCommerce venture enjoys robust protection and trustworthiness.

The top 3 benefits of buying a .store domain name:

Directly indicates an eCommerce focus.
Distinctive and memorable for customers.
Enhances brand's selling proposition.

With the e-commerce boom, demand for .store domains is soaring. As businesses align with's vision for a clear online identity, .store is rapidly becoming the chosen domain for brands committed to online sales.

It's straightforward with! Visit our domain registration platform, enter your desired .store name, and follow the streamlined steps. With our award-winning support, your eCommerce journey will be set up in no time.

Domains can typically be registered from 1 to 10 years, with renewals available. With by your side, rest assured your .store domain will stay with your business for as long as you need.

While .com is universally recognized, .store has its unique strength in e-commerce. For brands keen on emphasizing their retail or sales aspect, .store, in synergy with's digital expertise, stands as a powerful and modern choice.