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† Customers on a monthly billing cycle are billed every four weeks. 

The Business Email service includes professional email, domain registration and perfect privacy at a rate of $4.99 per month (every four weeks); the Business Email service for a 1 Year term is $41.88 (a discounted monthly rate of $3.49/mo, collected annually); and the Business Email service for a 2 Year term is $59.76 (a discounted monthly rate of $2.49/mo, collected annually), billed to the credit card or payment method on file. The Business Email service will automatically renew its monthly term at $4.99 per month (every four weeks); the Business Email service will automatically renew its 1 Year term at $41.88 (a discounted monthly rate of $3.49/mo, collected annually); and the Business Email service will automatically renew its 2 Year term at $59.76 (a discounted monthly rate of $2.49/mo, collected annually), billed to the credit card or payment method on file. Domain registration, renewal and perfect privacy will be included at no additional cost as long as the Business Email product remains active. If Business Email product is cancelled, domain and perfect privacy will renew at current retail rates and will be billed to the credit card or payment method on file. For customers who choose the monthly term, will retain ownership of the domain until two consecutive renewal payments have been collected for the monthly term. Once domain ownership eligibility terms have been met, will transfer ownership of the domain name to the customer. For one and two year terms, domain ownership eligibility will be met with initial term payment and ownership of the domain name will belong to the customer. Pricing is subject to change at the sole discretion of Customer may cancel at any time by contacting at 800-932-4678. Please see our Services Agreement for additional terms and conditions.

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Business ​credibility ​is ​the ​number ​one ​reason ​to ​have ​a ​professional ​email ​address. Customers ​are ​more ​likely to ​trust ​that ​you're ​a ​"real" ​business ​if ​your ​email ​address ​reflects your ​business ​name. ​Your ​professional ​email ​address ​will ​help ​build ​your ​brand, ​make ​it more ​memorable, ​and ​enhance ​your ​credibility.

Yes, ​you ​get ​a ​domain ​name ​to ​match ​your ​business ​name, ​with ​your ​new ​business address. ​Later, ​when ​you're ​ready ​to ​build ​a ​website, ​you ​can ​use ​this ​domain ​name ​that you ​get ​here ​as ​part ​of ​your ​email ​address.

Your Email Package comes with all the productivity tools and security features you need to manage your business in the "cloud." Store important business files, contacts, and calendar events all in one convenient place. State of the art antivirus protection, anti-phishing and spam filtering included. No longer risk missing an important business email or meeting getting buried in your personal email account!

Domain ​privacy ​is ​a ​feature ​that ​masks ​your ​contact ​information ​from ​the ​public ​domain name ​registry ​known ​as ​WHOIS. ​Many ​companies ​mine ​data ​from ​the ​public ​WHOIS system ​and ​attempt ​to ​contact ​you ​at ​your ​home, ​email, ​or ​phone ​number. ​Domain privacy ​is ​included ​in ​the ​cost ​of ​your ​Business ​Email ​package ​to ​help ​reduce ​the ​amount ​of Spam ​you ​may ​receive.

Yes! ​You ​can ​easily ​access ​your ​email ​from ​your ​mobile ​phone ​or ​tablet. ​Setting ​this ​feature up ​is ​simple. ​Just ​follow ​the ​instructions ​found ​here ​for iPhone ​or Android ​devices.

Yes. ​You ​can ​import ​your ​current ​contacts ​from ​other ​existing ​email ​accounts.

Each ​email ​box ​comes ​with ​25GB ​of ​email ​storage. ​As your ​needs ​grow, ​you ​can ​easily ​add ​more ​storage.

Yes, a user can have multiple email addresses on the same mailbox by creating an alias. For example, if a user's primary mailbox is [email protected], the user can easily create an alias for customers to ask for support from your company called [email protected] The mailbox will show that the email came in through the support address but delivers into the primary mailbox (note that aliases do not allow outgoing messages, only incoming messages). This allows user to have multiple addresses until the time comes to add another mailbox when the business grows. With Business Email from, each mailbox comes with up to 25 aliases.

Yes, we offer yearly plans. In fact, the longer you stay, the less you pay! You can save 30% over paying monthly by purchasing a 1-year plan, and save 50% over monthly by purchasing a 2-year plan. Simply add Business Email to your cart to see the savings.

Yes. Threats to your email security will always be present, but with our email products, you will dramatically reduce junk mail that clogs your inbox and reduce your vulnerability to troublesome viruses. Our email products feature: 

Safe Unsubscribe allows you to unsubscribe from any newsletter or commercial email in one click, without having to endlessly scroll to the bottom of the email to find the unsubscribe link.

Click-time Anti-Phishing defeats time-bombed URLs by examining the URL at the exact time-of-click. It can catch dynamic links and “sleeper” malware and phishing pages. Once you click on a link in a message, the webpage is opened in a secure environment (proxy) to further verify its safety. This way, if the link is redirecting to malware, we will block it before it has a chance to infect your device. 

Lazy Expunge is also available. The lazy expunge plugin provides a “second-chance” to recover messages that would otherwise be deleted from a mailbox by user action within 14 days of deletion.