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Customer Insights Summit 2018 Agenda

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Wednesday, September 19

5 - 6pm | Check-In

Stop by the One Ocean Resort & Spa and get settled in. Head to the lobby to pick up your registration badge for the summit.

6:45pm | Depart for Dinner

Meet in the hotel lobby and we’ll bus you from the hotel to dinner.

7pm | Welcome Reception and Dinner

Get to know your peers and team members while enjoying the beautiful views and delicious food at the Atlantic Beach Country Club.

Thursday, September 20

8 - 9am | Breakfast

Served in the hotel.

9 - 9:15am | Introduction and Welcome

Opening remarks by Denise Lynch, Executive Vice President of for Enterprise

9:15 - 10am | Session 1: Don't Confuse Your Customer: Integrating ALL Moments In Your Customer's Journey

There is no question your customers are using digital more and more, whether it’s on a laptop at home or Google Maps on the go. To succeed today, all companies must integrate into the digital customer journey. This starts the moment your customer picks up their smartphone to look for information and continues throughout the customer lifecycle. This session will show your business how to market to your customer across the digital ecosystem and integrate with a rapidly changing customer experience.

Presentation by Jonathan Jackson, Digital Marketing Strategist and Lecturer at The Florida State University College of Business

10 - 11am | Session 2: for Enterprise Product Roadmap

Join us to hear from our product experts about the latest product innovation, strategy, functionality and architectural enhancements taking us through the rest of 2018 and into 2019.

Presentation by Leonzo Cuiman, Director of Product Management, for Enterprise and Gijo Mathew, Chief Product Officer, for Enterprise

11 - 11:45am | Session 3: What’s Happening at Google

Your chance to peek behind the curtain and get the latest scoop on the latest and greatest Google, including beta tests and pilots.

Presentation by Google

11:45am - 12:45pm | Lunch

Served in the hotel.

12:45 - 1:30pm | Session 4: Security, Compliance and Privacy Protection

Long gone are the days when your website just had to have great content, be user friendly and do its main job – drive revenue. Now, webmasters are tasked with ensuring that the myriad of regulations thrown at them (the ones they know about and even the ones they don’t!) are adhered to. In this primer on security, compliance and privacy protection, our experts will share requirements and insights on how you can prepare and protect your business when it comes to ADA, SSL and GDPR compliance.

Presentation by Peter Heming, for Enterprise

1:30 - 2:45pm | Panel: Successful Network Adoption, Management, & Communication Best Practices

Creating successful network adoption and communication practices can be challenging - but not impossible! This interactive panel discussion is your opportunity to hear how successful franchisors market to their network to drive education and consistency. Learn from your peers on how they have partnered with for Enterprise to do this.

Panel facilitated by Michele Brevig, VP of Client Services, for Enterprise

2:45 - 3pm | Break

Catch up on 'work stuff' or enjoy some time to network with all the interesting people your bound to meet!

3 - 4pm | Session 5: Local Intent and Ranking Factor

With so many known local search ranking factors, it can be difficult for small and large businesses alike to know where their marketing efforts and dollars are best used. How powerful is the proximity of the searcher as a ranking factor? Does the amount of influence that a given factor exerts change from situation to situation? Which citations and directories are most likely to influence the search engine visibility of my brand? The Moz team has produced fascinating research which helps answer all of these questions. By extension, it can also help us understand what we can control, what we can't control, and what to expect from our efforts.

Presentation by Moz

4 - 5pm | Session 6: Social Trends: The Changing Role of Social Media

Social media has played a dominant role in shaping culture, entertainment, politics, and everything in between. It has also evolved significantly over the last few years from a medium that promoted the sharing of cat and baby pictures to a robust, economic driver for the platforms themselves and the businesses that know how to use them. The opportunity for your brand to leverage social media to deliver your message to hyper-targeted audiences has never been more exact - or more affordable. In this session we will discuss how to best utilize advertising on the top social platforms and explore the several objectives that paid social campaigns have to offer for your locations.

Presentation by Ray Castro, Paid Social Strategist, for Enterprise

6 - 9pm | Dinner

Join us for Italian dining at its best at Mezza, just a short walk from the hotel.

Friday, September 21

8 - 9am | Breakfast

Served in the hotel.

9 - 9:45am | Session 7: How Voice Search is Rapidly Changing the Search Landscape

Alexa. Google Home. HomePod. What do the more than 45 million in-home devices sold in the US have in common? They are changing the way people search for information – and in a big way! In this session learn about the history of voice search, what it is, how it impacts search trends and why it matters for your brand. We’ll discuss how monitors search queries to identify patterns and trends in user search behavior and how voice search, in particular, is a key focus as we drive new prospects through your sales funnel. We’ll also share some best practices for crafting content that voice searches are attracted to.

Presentation by Scott Forsythe, Subject Matter Expert - PPC, for Enterprise

9:45 - 11am | Breakout: Trends in Search

Join one of our breakout sessions -- Mobile, LinkedIn, Content Strategies for Driving More Website Traffic -- and walk away with ideas that you can implement when you return to the office.

Breakout sessions led by Scott Forsythe, Subject Matter Expert - PPC, for Enterprise
Jared Ray, Subject Matter Expert - SEO, for Enterprise
Ray Castro, Paid Social Strategist, for Enterprise

11 - 11:45am | Breakout: Partner Collaboration Feedback Session

As your digital marketing partner, we sincerely care about your feedback. We want to know what is working and what isn't . This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, opinions and give us your wish list of products that would help you drive success for your network.

11:45am - 12pm | Closing / Thank you

Closing remarks by Denise Lynch, Executive Vice President, for Enterprise

12pm | Lunch and Departure

Served in the hotel.

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