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Build a Free Ecommerce Site for Your Small Business

When you sell products in a local store or at a craft fair, you get access to local buyers. With a free ecommerce site from, you get everything you need to share your products with the world.

Your Online Storefront, Your Way

Selling products in other online stores, such as Amazon Marketplace, eBay, or Etsy, offers a lot of advantages for small businesses. But nothing compares to the convenience and marketing power of having your own ecommerce site:

  • Higher profit margins. Pay less in commissions to a third-party site and keep more money in your pocket.

  • Personal, distinctive branding. In a third-party online store, you’re just a name and a series of products. On your own free ecommerce site, you have an instantly recognizable brand presence; complete with your logo and other design elements that make your brand unique.

  • Complete flexibility and autonomy. Offer promotions and discounts to all customers or to a select group of your best customers. Adjust your product pages and content with the touch of a button, and visually promote new and bestselling products.

  • Valuable customer insights. Discover how customers find you online, and use that information to adjust your marketing messages and ad campaigns. Identify and reward your best customers to keep them coming back.

  • New opportunities for marketing. Use your free ecommerce site to build a customer relationship database, which you can use for email and direct mail marketing.

  • Direct customer communication. Instead of routing questions or interactions through a third-party store, customers can contact you directly for questions, requests, and support.

  • Complete order management. Keep customers informed throughout the order fulfillment process. Provide order tracking and thank them for their purchases.

Clean, Professional Free Website Builders

Set up a professional free ecommerce site with our simple design templates. Our setup wizard and online video library makes it simple to set up your site.

  • Add branded design elements, including your logo, and customize colors to highlight your brand.

  • Upload your own images and choose from our thousands of stock photos.

  • Personalize our suggested copy or create your own custom copy for every product.

  • Create a professional, beautifully designed site even if you have no experience with Web design or coding.

Safe, Secure Payment Processing

Our payment processing gateway is safe, secure, and PCI compliant to protect customer financial information. Your free ecommerce site can easily store customer payment information, providing a better shopping experience for repeat users.

Easy Inventory Management

Whether you sell physical or digital products, makes it easy to manage all aspects of your inventory. Adjust your offerings, add new products, change your prices, and manage customer orders, all within one easy-to-use dashboard.

Sales Reports and More

Discover and emphasize your bestselling products with our reporting options. Test different product descriptions and images to learn which methods convince customers to buy. Learn how pricing and seasonality affect your sales. Integrate with Google Analytics to learn how people find your site and which pages they visit most often.

How It Works

Getting started with your free ecommerce site is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Choose a design and customize it.

  • Add products, images, and descriptions.

  • Select a hosting plan and launch your online store.

Hosting your website with ensures your ecommerce website stays operational 24/7. We handle the complicated things, like server management, security, and storage, while you focus on running your store. We offer three package options, Express, Standard, and Pro. Standard is the most popular plan among our small business clients as it allows you to offer up to 500 different products and enjoy a reduced transaction fee of 1.5 percent.

If you want changes to your free ecommerce site template, we make it easy to choose a new design and migrate your online store. We also offer custom ecommerce site design services for complete personalization and higher-volume order processing.

Get Started

Grow your business and take control of your online sales by building your free ecommerce site with Open your small business to a national and global market. Start building your online store now. Call 800-986-1477 if you have additional questions.