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Adding Seats in MySchedulr


Seats are an individual’s calendar, which is used for booking appointments. Each team member or employee taking appointments will need their own seat. 

For example, suppose you have one seat, but you have three employees who will be accepting appointments on their calendars. You will need to purchase two additional seats for a total of three seats so each employee can get appointments


How to Add Seats

Use the following steps to purchase additional seats.

  1. In your Account Manager, click Ecommerce on the right side of the page.   
    1. If you have no ecommerce products, you will be taken directly to the MySchedulr Details page. ​
    2. If you have one ecommerce product, you will see the Ecommerce Details page.   
    3. ​If you have more than one ecommerce product, you will see a list of your ecommerce products. Click Manage next to the product you want to view to get to the Ecommerce Details page.     
  2. Click Buy More in the Seats section, as seen in the images below.

Image of Adding Seats from MySchedulr Details

Image of Adding Seats from Websites

  1. A purchase window will open. Select the number of seats you need, then click the Buy Now button to complete your purchase. If you want to see additional purchase information, click Additional Terms.

Image of the Buy More Seats Window

  1. You will see an order confirmation window. Click Close to exit the window.

Image of the Order Confirmation Window

  1. ​​You will see Update Processing at the top of your page, like the image below. Once the processing is complete, you will see the Buy More Seats link again.

Image of the update processing message in account manager

You have purchased additional seats. 

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