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How to Add a Shipping Carrier in Online Store and Online Marketplaces

Important: This article applies to Online Store and Online Marketplaces customers only.


A shipping carrier helps you ship order packages to your customers. This article will discuss how you can add a shipping carrier to your Online Store and Online Marketplaces account so you can utilize reliable shipping services and deliver order packages to their destinations safely and efficiently.

Adding a Shipping Carrier

  1. Once inside your Ecommerce account, select Store on the left menu, then select Settings. Scroll down and look for the Shipments tile and click the Manage button.

Red box around Settings option and red arrow pointing at Manage button with Shipments tile

  1. Within the Carriers tab, click the Connect Carriers button. If you already have a carrier connected, click the Add New button instead.

Connect Carriers button:

Carriers button

Add New button:

Red arrow pointing at blue Add New button

  1. Select a carrier you want to Connect or Activate.

Add New Shipping Carrier

  1. Connect to a carrier by clicking the Connect to <Carrier Name> button. Then, follow the steps to add your account information to complete the process. Below is an example:

Note: Carriers you Connect to require you to obtain a personal account with the Carrier first (UPS, FedEx, DHL eCommerce, Amazon Prime, and Custom Carrier). In addition, you must pay any charges for shipping and label printing to the Carrier directly.

Connecting to UPS:

Connect to UPS Step 1 Connect to UPS Step 2

  1. Activate select carriers by clicking the Activate <Carrier Name> button. Then, click Continue on the confirmation pop-up to complete the activation. Below is an example:

Note: Carriers you Activate leverage our Direct Integration to simplify connectivity and billing by managing all through your Web.com account (USPS, Canada Post, and DHL Express). Charges for shipping or label printing will be billed to the primary payment method on file. You will also receive an order confirmation email to the billing email address and can access a list of shipping transactions in your Account Manager Order History.

Connecting to USPS:

Connect to USPS

You have successfully added a new carrier! To manage carriers, click the horizontal ellipses on the Carriers page to edit or disable a carrier.

Manage Carriers

To learn more about managing shipping options, including creating and canceling a shipment, generating and voiding shipping labels, and viewing your shipment history, see Online Store and Online Marketplaces - Manage Shipping Options.

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