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How Do I Assign a Domain to My Website?

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Important: This article applies to builder packages only. If you have a different package, please refer to How Do I Manage Domain Connections? or follow the steps outlined in the How to Assign a Domain to Your Hosting Package section of the How Do I Get Started with Web Hosting? article.


Creating a website is easier than ever with our easy-to-use website builder that uses drag-and-drop technology. Our builder product also has various features, including pre-designed templates to simplify website creation. Choosing and assigning a domain name to your website is an essential step in building your site. Assigning a domain name that accurately represents your website and is easy to remember can help establish your online presence, build brand awareness, boost your website's SEO, and make it easy for people to find your site.

There are two options for assigning your domain name to your website in the Web.com® Account Manager. You can either do it on your Account Manager’s Domain Name page or the Website page. To assign your domain via the Domain Name page, please follow the steps in the How Do I Manage Domain Connections? article. For instructions on assigning your domain via the Website page, please follow the steps below.

Assigning a Domain to My Website

  1. Log in to your Web.com® Account Manager.
  2. Click Website on the left navigation menu.

Website tab in the Account Manager navigation menu

  1. On the Website Details page, click the Assign Domain link.
    • If the account has multiple website packages, click the Manage button next to the package you want to assign your domain. 

Assign Domain link in the Website Details page

  1. Click the Select domain name drop-down, then choose the domain you will be assigning to your website. Click Save.

Select domain name drop-down menu

If the domain is not listed in the drop-down menu, click the click here link to assign a domain name that is not listed. Follow the succeeding prompts on the Account Manager screen to fully assign your domain to your website.

  1. Confirm the domain name, then click the Go button.

Confirm the domain name

  1. Your domain has been successfully assigned to your website package. Click the Manage My Site button to return to the Website Details page.

Manage My Site button

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