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Marketing Hub: How to Connect Google

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Google My Business is a tool that aids in improving your local search ranking and helps get more customers with a more robust profile. Add store hours, additional categories, or a description of your business. Think of Google My Business as Google's version of Yelp. It appears in all search results and advertisements that the search engine displays to those looking for local products and services.

Note: Google My Business is not intended for large big box stores or retail brands (even though they are all listed).

In this article, we will discuss: 

Accessing SocialBooster

Follow the steps below to access SocialBooster.

  1. Once inside your Ecommerce account, click Marketing on the left menu, then select SocialBooster.

    Red box around Marketing drop-down, including Dashboard and SocialBooster options

You will automatically be taken to your SocialBooster Dashboard, where you do social marketing tasks to build your audience and keep them engaged.


Requirement for Activating Google My Business

You tell Google all information about your business, and they make sure consumers find it. You will need the following requirements to enable and use Google My Business:

  1. A Google Workspace Business or Gmail account
  2. A published website
  3. A domain connected to your website
  4. A US or Canadian business address


Setting up Google Business Listing

Once you meet all the requirements, you may start setting up Google My Business from your SocialBooster page.

  1. Within your SocialBooster Dashboard, click the Let's get started! button.

    Red box around Let's get started button

  2. Next, click the Connect Google button.

    Image showing SocialBooster Connect Google

  3. On the next page, click Get Listed.

    Image showing Connect Google - Get Listed

  4. Next, click the Connect Account, and you will be asked to log in or choose which email you would like to associate as the business manager.

    Image showing Connect Google - Connect Account

  5. You must agree to link your email to the Google business listing service and grant access. Click Continue to proceed.

    Red box around Continue button

  6. You will be given the option to Create New Listing or Connect an Existing Location with your email on the following page.

    Image showing Connect Google - Create New Listing or Connect an Existing Location

  7. Once you have connected your Google Account, click Add Name to add your business information.

    Image showing Connect Google - Add Name

  8. Enter your company name, then click Continue.

    Image showing Connect Google - Company Name

  9. Select the category in which your company works and click Continue.

    Image showing Connect Google - Add Business Category

  10. On the next page, choose the type of business location you operate. Do you have a store for people to visit, service a specific location, or do you have both? You will want to select the type that best reflects your business.

    Image showing Connect Google - Business Type

  11. Next, type the address of your company and/or the location(s) where your service is offered.

    Image showing Connect Google - List the areas you service

  12. You will then be taken through Google's business verification system and processed once your business information is submitted. They will ask you to verify with a text code, phone call, email, or postcard mail.

    Image showing Connect Google - Business Contact Details

    Note: For more verification information, you can refer to Google's help article: How to verify your business on Google.

    Image showing Connect Google - Verify Listing

    Image showing Connect Google - Verify Listing

  13. Congratulations! After the setup process, you are ready to manage posts and engage with your customer.

    Image showing Connect Google - Sucessful Connect Google

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