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Online Store and Online Marketplaces - Barcodes


It is essential to assign Barcodes to your products for quick identification. It helps track and manage inventory in warehouses and on invoices to help with bookkeeping.  

How to Generate a Barcode for a Product

  1. In your Account Manager, click Ecommerce on the left side of the page.   

  2. On the Ecommerce Details page, click Manage Store. Your Ecommerce Dashboard will open.     

    • If you have more than one ecommerce product, you will need to select the product you want to manage first.     

  3. On the left navigation menu, click on Store.
    Store button

  4. Once the drop-down menu shows, select Products.
    Products button

  5. Select the product you want to generate a barcode for by ticking the checkbox as seen below.
    Products Page checkbox

  6. Click on the Bulk Actions drop-down menu and select Print Barcodes.
    Print Barcodes button

  7. Choose your preferred settings and click the Create Barcode button.
    Create Barcode button


Q: Can I use a Barcode Scanner with Online Store or Online Marketplaces? 

A: Yes! You can use Barcode Scanners to quickly search for products by reading UPC (Universal Product Code) or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) information from a physical barcode. There are no specific requirements for using a barcode scanner with Online Store or Online Marketplaces. If the scanner you use works with your computer, it will work with Online Store or Online Marketplaces. 

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