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Add PayPal Buttons to Website Builder

Important:This article only applies to customers who have a Business Account in PayPal. If your account is personal, upgrade it to a business account.

When you add PayPal buttons to the Website Builder, it has several benefits, such as giving your customers a simple and safe way to make payments, improving the checkout process, and possibly even raising conversion rates by giving them a reliable payment choice. This interface is flexible for a range of companies and services because it can handle several payment scenarios like donations, one-time sales, or subscriptions.

There are different web.com PayPal buttons that you can integrate into your Website Builder or eCommerce store. To view these, visit https://www.paypal.com/buttons/.

In this article, we will discuss:

Integrating a Pay Link or Button

Whether you want a Buy Now button with PayPal or simply a pay link, you can create these by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account and go to https://www.paypal.com/buttons/smart.
  2. Select the Pay Link or Button option.
    Pay Link or Button

  3. A page will show as seen in the image below. This is where you can modify the button that you want to use.
    Build your pay link or button page

    Pick your settings

    1. Pricing – Show more options about pricing by clicking on the drop-down menu.
    2. Product name – Enter the product/service name in the field provided.
    3. Price – Set the price of the product/service.
    4. Currency – Set the currency for the price posted.
    5. Shipping Fee – Set a shipping fee for the product/service. This is optional.
    6. Let customers buy more than one at a time – Tick the checkbox to enable this option. Once enabled, another field will show up, allowing you to enter the maximum quantity of customers who can buy more than one at a time.
    7. Change the Look and Feel – Click the drop-down button to choose which layout, shape, and color you want to use for your button. Click on the Button Text drop-down menu to choose which text you want to show to the button. 
      Change the look and feel page


    1. Mobile – Preview the button that shows how the button shows to a customer when using their mobile phone.
    2. Desktop – Preview the button that shows how the button shows to a customer when using their desktop computer.
    3. PayPal & Debit or Credit Card buttons – Click on the button to preview how it would show to a customer.
      PayPal Debit or Credit Card button
  4. Once done customizing with the button, click on the Build It button.
    PayPal Build It button

  5. Click on the Copy Link button to copy the link in the Pay Link tab. You wil need this link to begin integrating the button you created to your website.
    Start getting paid page

  6. To being integrating the button to your website, view and follow the article on how to Add a Button.
    Note: To accept recurring payments with PayPal buttons, visit PayPal’s Automatic Payment.


Integrating a Donate Button

To add a Donate button with PayPal into your Website Builder, follow the steps below.

  1. Before you can create a Donate button, your PayPal Business account type should be a Nonprofit organization.
  2. Visit How do I accept donations with PayPal? to learn more about this.
  3. To add PayPal Donate button to Website Builder, view and follow the article on how to Add a Button.



The article emphasizes the benefits of a simplified checkout procedure, heightened consumer confidence, and support for various payment scenarios, including one-time purchases, donations, and subscriptions. It's crucial to remember that this guide is limited to those who have a Business PayPal account.

The tutorial offers a step-by-step method for making two different kinds of PayPal buttons:

  • Pay Link or Button: Perfect for regular or "Buy Now" transactions. Features like price, currency, and quantity options are customizable for users.
  • Donate Button: To use this, your PayPal Business account must have a confirmed non-profit organization status.
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