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Online Store and Online Marketplaces - Export a Sales Order to Your Accounting Platform

Important: This article applies to Online Store and Online Marketplaces customers only.


To be able to export Sales Orders, you need to have the Accounting System linked to Online Store and Online Marketplaces. Check the related articles below to connect one:

Note: You can only export your Sales Orders after the order is closed.

Follow the steps below to export Sales Orders to your accounting platform.

  1. In your Account Manager, click Ecommerce on the left side of the page.

  • If you have multiple Ecommerce products, you will have to click Manage next to the product you want to access.
  1. Click the Manage Store button on the Ecommerce Details page to open the Ecommerce Dashboard.

  2. Click Store on the left navigation menu, then select Sales.

  3. Select Orders from the Sales drop-down.
    Sales, Orders

  4. Navigate to the Closed Orders tab.

  5. Check the box on the left side to process selected orders only.
    Closed Orders tab

    Note: To process multiple orders, please check the box on the uppermost left side of the table header.

  6. Once orders are selected, click the drop-down icon next to Bulk Actions and select Export to Accounting.
    Export to Accounting button

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