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How to Filter Spam Emails in Cloud Mail

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Important: This article applies to customers with Cloud Mail. To determine your email version, see How Do I Determine My Email Platform?


We don't have control over whether we get spam emails or not. As long as you have an active email address, spam emails are heading toward you. Any activity online using your email address may expose it to spammers, so you can be a victim anytime. If you keep receiving spam emails in your inbox, you may fill up your email quota with irrelevant messages, which may cause you to miss important emails. Cloud Mail offers you spam filters to help you manage all incoming messages. You can protect your account from spammers by adding them to your blocked contacts, setting up Anti-phishing Protection, and filtering spam emails.

How to Create a Spam Filter Rule

Below are steps to create a filter rule for spam emails in Cloud Mail.

  1. Open a new window in your browser.
  2. In the address bar, type mail.<your domain name>.<your domain extension>.

For example, if your domain is janesbagels and your domain extension is .com, you should type mail.janesbagels.com in the address bar.

  1. Enter your login credentials on the login page.
  2. Click the Sign In button.

An additional page will appear if you have enabled 2-Step Verification. Enter the authentication data on this page.

  1. In the upper right corner of your Webmail app, click the gear icon beside your user profile, then click All settings.

Webmail settings

  1. Click Mail on the left pane, then select Rules.


  1. Click Add new rule.

Add new rule button

  1. Enter the name of the rule.
  2. Click Add condition. Select a condition from the drop-down menu.

Important: Please be specific about your conditions, as this rule applies to all your messages.

  1. Enter an argument in the input field, then select a criterion from the drop-down.

For example, you keep receiving spam messages from a certain email address or person and want to get rid of them. Your argument will be the email address of the spam sender.

Enter an argument to the condition added

  1. A condition has been added. You can add additional conditions.
  2. After adding a condition, proceed to add an action.
  3. Click Add action, then select an action from the drop-down menu.

Additional buttons and input boxes are presented based on the action. Use these functions to complete the action.

Add action button

  1. The action has been added. You can add additional actions.
  2. Click Save to apply the rule to future incoming emails.

Save new rule

  1. Click Apply to apply the new rule to future incoming emails and existing emails.

Apply button

  1. Specify the email folder to be filtered, then click Apply filter rule.

Apply filter rule button

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