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Google Workspace—How to Import Messages into Gmail

How to Import Messages into Gmail

Detailed instructions can also be found on Google's support site.

  1. Log in to your Google Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Data Migrations Icon. 
  3. Click Set Data Migration up.
  4. Configure your source connection settings.

Source Connection Settings

Migration Source

Select the type of source server you are migrating from. If you don't know or are unsure, select I don't know then, select the type of items to migrate from your source server.

Connection Protocol

Select the protocol to use to talk to your source server. We recommend that you choose 'Auto Select (Recommended).'

Role Account

Enter the email address and password of a role account. This is an account on your source server. The account is used to verify that your source server may be connected to, and migration reports may be sent to the account, then click the start button.

Additional Migration Settings

Migration Deleted Email

Select the start date for your migration. Your email will be migrated from that date to the most recent, starting with the most recent first.

Migrate Junk Email

Choose migration options, then click select users.

Configure Data Migration

  1. You can select a specific user or upload a CSV (for multi-users purposes).
  2. Click Start to Migration; you will get an Initializing status.

Start a migration

  1. This Data migration dashboard will show you the status of your email during migration. 

Data Migration Dashboard

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