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How Do I Create a Logo for My Website?


You can design and download a professional logo for your website, merchandise, social media, and more through the LogoBuilder.

Note: You must have an active Website Builder product to purchase the first instance of LogoBuilder. Please see Accessing the LogoBuilder below for steps on buying the product. If you purchased Ecommerce Essentials or Ecommerce Premium, you can access the LogoBuilder within your Ecommerce dashboard. For more information, please see Marketing Hub: How Do I Create or Manage a Logo?

For steps on purchasing, creating, editing, and downloading a logo for your website, select from the options below:

  1. Log in to your account by going to www.web.com, then click the Log In icon.

Red box around Log In icon on Web.com's storefront

  1. Enter your User ID and Password.

Web.com login page

  1. Once logged in to your account, click Website on the left side of the page.
    Red box on Website option on left menu
    • If you have multiple website packages, click the Manage button next to the package you want to buy LogoBuilder on.

Note: If you already bought the LogoBuilder, please go to step 7.

  1. Scroll down and click the Create Logo button.
  2. You will be prompted to purchase the LogoBuilder for a one-time fee for your chosen website. Click Buy Now to proceed with purchasing the product.
  3. Once successfully purchased, go back to your Account Manager homepage and click Website on the left side of the page.
  4. On the right side of the page, click the Launch LogoBuilder button.
    Launch LogoBuilder button

Note: You can edit the service name within the LogoBuilder Details, which can help if you have several products with a LogoBuilder.

You have accessed the LogoBuilder.

Create a professional logo for your website by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and open the LogoBuilder. The instructions are provided above in Accessing the LogoBuilder.
  2. Once you open the LogoBuilder, enter your Brand Name. You will see AI-generated logo options on the right that will update live based on the brand name you provide.

Note (Optional): You can add a slogan for your logo.

Field to enter brand name and slogan for logo

3. Choose a design to start editing your logo.

LogoBuilder Editor

You can now edit your logo. Instructions are provided below in Editing the Logo.

When you edit your logo, the navigation on the left allows you to customize your logo. While editing, the Variations panel on the right will update as you change your logo and suggest various designs to help you.

You can modify the following within the LogoBuilder:


Section to Edit the name of the Logo

You can do the following when you click on the Name icon:

  • Make your brand name appear in single or multiple lines by clicking the Multiline toggle switch.
  • Display your logo name in capital letters by enabling the Capitalize toggle switch.
  • Adjust the slider for a color mix of letters between the primary and secondary color swatches.
  • Modify the font size of the logo.
  • Adjust the letter spacing.
  • Alter the line height and spacing (with multiline on).


Section to edit the Slogan

You can do the following when you click on the Slogan icon:

  • Add or edit your slogan.
  • Select the number of lines you want the slogan to be broken into.
  • Change the font size of your slogan.
  • Adjust the line height and spacing between the brand name and the slogan.
  • Add a line design and alter the alignment of the text for shorter slogans.

Note: You can add a horizontal line to your logo by going to the Variations panel and clicking the Layout tab. 


Section to edit the logo symbol

You can do the following when you click on the Symbol icon:

  • Add/change/remove a symbol from your logo.
  • Adjust the symbol size.
  • Alter the margin surrounding the symbol.
  • Choose where you want the symbol to appear in the logo by clicking Layout within the Variations panel.


Section to edit logo colors

You can choose four theme colors to customize your logo within the Colors tab. 

  • Choose from a library of preset color themes by clicking the Explore colors button. Color Themes are categorized into Bright, Minimal, and Pastels. Select the theme you like by clicking on it in the panel. The changes will automatically show while you are editing your logo.

Color themes

Note: To load more preset themes, click the Load More link.

  • Click on the color swatch you wish to modify if you want to use custom colors. To choose the color you want, move the color slider or type a hex number. You may also use a different color swatch for each logo element. If the color selections contradict, a warning will show up.

Custom color


Section to Edit logo shape

You can do the following when you click on the Shape icon:

  • Show or hide the background shape.
  • Choose if you want the shape to be filled or not.
  • Adjust the line width of the shape.
  • Change the margin of the shape.
  • Use different shapes (i.e., circle, square, highlight elements, etc.) from the Variations panel on the right.


Section to view how logo looks like on Merch

When you click on the Merch icon, you can see how your logo will look on different types of merchandise, such as cups, bags, t-shirts, and more! Follow the instructions below to order the merchandise.

  1. Choose a Type of Merchandise by clicking the drop-down box.
  2. Click on the Edit Product button on the upper right corner of the page. Doing so will take you to Zazzle’s website, a third-party vendor where you can customize and purchase your merchandise.
  3. Select the quantity of your order, then click the Add to Cart button.
    Red box around quantity drop-down and Add to Cart button
  4. Next, click the View Cart + Check Out.
    Red box around View Car + Check Out button
  5. Enter any promotional codes or gift cards you may have in the Promo Code/Gif Card box, then click the Apply button to get a discount on your purchase. Next, click Proceed to Checkout.

Red box around field to enter Promo code and Payment Method options

The icons and buttons on top of the LogoBuilder allow you to do the following:

Undo and redo icons, Save, Preview, and Download buttons

  • Undo or redo changes by clicking the undo icon Undo iconor redo icon Redo icon.
  • Save your work by clicking the Save button.
  • See how your logo will look on your website, business card, social media accounts, and more by clicking Preview.

Red box around Save files button

  • Download your logo by clicking Download on the top right, then clicking the Save files button. The logo will be downloaded as a zip file and will include different versions of the logo, such as:
    • high and low resolution
    • favicon
    • social media images
    • vectors
    • and more!

Red box around Save files button

Note: You can no longer alter the brand name once you download the logo. However, you can still update the slogan and logo design. To create logos for different brands, you must purchase other instances of LogoBuilder.

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