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Marketing Hub: How to Connect Twitter

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Twitter is an excellent way to keep in touch and get updates on the latest happenings in the world. With millions of users online, Twitter can help establish your brand and online presence by tweeting information and ads about the business. This may be crucial in helping your online business develop and succeed.

How to Connect Twitter

Follow the steps below to connect Twitter to your Ecommerce account:

  1. Once inside your Ecommerce account, click Marketing on the left menu, then select SocialBooster. Doing so will automatically take you to your SocialBooster Dashboard.
    Red box around SocialBooster option

  2. If it is your first time accessing SocialBooster, click the Let’s get started! button. If not, proceed to step 3.

  3. You will either have the following options:

  • If you have not connected to any social media platform yet, you will see the interface below. Click the Connect Twitter button.
    Red box around Connect Twitter button

  • If you have connected to a social media platform (for example, Facebook), you will see the interface below. Click on the Twitter button, then hit Login with Twitter.
    Red box around Login with Twitter button

  1. The next page will allow you to sign into your existing Twitter account or sign up for a new one.
    Red box around fields to enter username/email and password and sign up link

  1. If you have an existing account, enter the Twitter Username or email address associated with the account together with the Password. Then, select Authorize App.

  2. After authorizing the app with the correct credentials, you will be routed back to the SocialBooster page. Click on Accounts on the left menu. You will see that your Twitter account is now associated with SocialBooster.
    Red box around indication that Twitter has been connected

  3. There are several options to manage your account.

    • The View Page option will route you to your Twitter page.
    • The Disconnect Page option will disable you to post anything from the SocialBooster page.
    • The Disconnect Account under the Actions drop-down will remove the existing Twitter account and its data. This will allow you to add a new Twitter account.
      Red box around options to View Page or Disconnect Page
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