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How to Create and Track Google Posts?

How to Create Google Posts

Sign in to your Google My Business account and follow the steps below:

1. Click on Create post.


2. Posts can also be created from the Posts option on the left menu.
3. If you select Posts from the menu, click anywhere in the Write your post box to create a new post.

Adding Custom Content

1. A pop-up will open so you can select the type of post to add.


2. If you select What’s New, place the cursor on the line to write your post.
3. If you select Event, additional fields will appear where you can add an event title, start date, and end date. Click the Add Event Time toggle to add Start and End Times for an event.
4. Click Offer to add a special offer.
5. Click Product to add a product name. Click the Range toggle to add a minimum and maximum price for a featured product.

Adding an Image

1. Click on the camera icon to add an image.

2. Upload an image. Images should be at least 400 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall.
3. Once the image is added, you can click the crop icon to adjust its size or the trash icon to remove the image if you would like to add a different one.

Adding a Call to Action

1. To add a call to action, click the Add a button (optional) drop-down.


2. Then select from the following options:
3. If you select Call Now, the button will auto-populate with the phone number listed in your Google My Business account.
4. If anything else is selected, you will be prompted to add a URL link for your button.

Publishing a Post

1. Click Preview to ensure there are no errors.


2. When you are satisfied with the post, click Publish in the preview window.

Editing or Removing Posts

1. To edit a post, click Posts from the menu and select the post to be edited.

2. Click on the three dots on the bottom right-hand corner of the post.

3. Select Edit from the dropdown menu to make changes. Then select Preview and Publish once complete.
4. To remove a post after publishing, select the post you wish to remove and click Delete.

Tracking Results

You can track the success of your posts within the platform using Post Insights.

These will appear at the bottom of posts to let you know how many times a post has been viewed and how many times a link has been clicked (if a button was included in the post). These metrics can be viewed even after a post has stopped running. To view Post Insights, click on the post you want to view from the Posts menu. The views and amount of times a customer clicked the button will appear beneath the post.


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