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How Do I Reissue an SSL Certificate?


You must reissue your SSL certificate if certain information changes, such as moving to a new location, changing server types, or changing hosting providers. You can reissue your certificate at any time and as many times as you need. For SSL certificates with a 2-year term, you must reissue the certificate after one year.

Important: For security reasons, all SSL certificates must be reissued after a maximum of 398 days.

In this article, we will discuss:

Managing SSL Certificate

You can manage the validation and installation process for your SSL Certificate through your Web.com® Account Manager. To reissue your SSL certificate, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Select Security on the left side of the page.


  1. If you have more than one SSL certificate in your account, choose a package name and click the vertical ellipsis under Actions to Manage or see the Details of the product.

Manage SSL

  1. In the SSL Control Panel, click on Reissue.


  1. If a domain needs to be provided, you will be prompted to enter your domain name. Enter the domain name in both fields, then click Continue.
Important: The Domain Name is the specific hostname used for the secure section of your website and is the specific name your SSL certificate will be issued to. To configure your SSL Certificate with a subdomain other than "www," type over the "www" with your desired subdomain.

You must ensure that the domain name is accurate. If not, your website visitors will receive an error indicating that your certificate does not match the domain name. Providing an inaccurate name may require that you repeat the order process.
  1. If the website is hosted with Web.com, a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) will be generated and submitted for you.
    • If the website is not hosted with Web.com, you will need to generate a CSR. A CSR is your website's unique identifier from which your SSL Certificate is created. A CSR is generated from the software platform used by your website. Contact your Web hosting network administrator and ask them to generate a CSR for you.
    • Enter the CSR generated and click Continue.
  2. On the Submit Validation Information page, review the fields to ensure they are correct, then click Continue.
  3. You will receive an email with a confirmation link.
  4. Click the link in the email and submit the validation code provided.
  5. You will receive an email once the certificate has been issued.
  6. You have reissued your SSL Certificate.
Note: Issuance time of validation is based on the type of SSL you purchase (Domain Validation, Organizational Validation, or Extended Validation).

Types of SSL Certificate

Check the table below to see the different types of SSL Certificate and their estimated time of issuance.

256-bit encryption
Issuance time Minutes ± 1 business day ± 1 business day ± 1 business day ± Minutes ± 4-5 business days ±
Domain validation
Organizational validation    
Extended validation          
Important: The issuance time is only estimates hence the plus-minus sign. It also varies depending on the completion of the verification process or technical problems/delays.
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