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How Do I Make Changes to My Custom Website?

Important: This article only applies to products managed in support.web.com. If you purchased a Pro Website or Pro Online Store with a Pro Support Subscription, please refer to How Do I Make Changes to My Professional Website Product?

If you are looking to make changes to your website and take your online presence to the next level, we're here to help. Whether you're looking to update your website, online store, Local Business Listings, Mobile website, or Facebook profile, we've got you covered. You can simply fill out the Site Changes Submission Form and specify the changes you want.

How to Request Site Changes

You have two options to request site changes. You can contact us Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, and have a designer make updates with you over the telephone. Most updates can be made in real-time using screen-sharing technology. Your next option is to fill out the Site Changes Submission Form to locate your account and select the products you'd like to update. Check out the steps below.

  1. Go to sitechanges.web.com.
  2. Fill out all the required fields (including a good time of day to call) in the Site Changes Submission Form, then click the Find My Account button.

If we cannot locate your account, please update your contact information and try again, or contact us for assistance.

site changes submission form

  1. Select the service you would like to update and click the Next button. Please take note of the following:
    • Website Changes will send a change request to your website product.
    • Store Changes will send a change request to your eCommerce product. If you purchased Online Store or Online Marketplaces and want to add a product to your eCommerce website, you can review the instructions outlined in Online Store and Online Marketplaces - Adding a Product.
    • Local Business Listings will send a change request to your LBL product.
    • Mobile Website will send a change request to your mobile website product.
    • Facebook Profile will send a change request to your Facebook product.


For example, you would like to upload an image:

  1. Select Website Changes, then click Next.

Website changes

  1. Provide details on where you would like the image placed, then click the Add File button.

Add file button

  1. Locate and select the image(s) you would like to upload and click the Open button.

Select image to upload

  1. A pop-up will appear stating that you have uploaded the image(s). Click OK.

File Uploaded notification

  1. Once you have completed filling out your list of changes and uploaded image(s), click the Next button.

Next button

  1. Review and confirm your change(s), then click the Send My Request button.

Note: You can submit more than one request for the same product or a different product on the same account without having to start over. To do so, click the plus button beside "I Need to Add Another Change!" or "I Need to Add a Change for Another Product!".

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