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Transferring A Google Workspace Domain

Important: This is article applies to Google Workspace plans only.


If you have an existing domain name with Google Workspace, you can transfer it in when you purchase Google Workspace in your account. This article will explain how you can transfer your existing Google domain name. 

How to Transfer Your Google Workspace Domain


  1. On our website, hover over Email & Productivity and select Google Workspace.

  1. Select your Google Workspace plan.
  2. Select the number of users you need and click Continue.
  3. Select I want to use a domain I already own and enter your domain name.

  1. A box will open; click the Retrieve Token button.

  1. You will be taken to Google to generate a transfer token.

  1. Agree to Google's terms of service, then copy the transfer token. The complete step-by-step instructions on how to transfer your domain can be found on Google’s support site.
  2. Return to our website. Enter the transfer token and click submit.
  3. You will be taken to the Secure Checkout to complete your order.
  4. You can check the status of your transfer in your Google Workspace Product in your account manager.
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