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Understanding Your Monthly SEO Progress Report—Organic Traffic Snapshot

Organic traffic provides information about how well your website may be ranking, offering valuable insights into the search volume of relevant keywords. It also provides insights into the relevance of the content you post so you can optimize your website for organic traffic with Google Analytics. When a user does a Google search and clicks on a result, the website page receives a boost in organic traffic.

Organic Traffic Snapshot

In this article, we will discuss:

What is Organic Traffic in Google Analytics?

The Organic Traffic report from Google Analytics allows you to visually understand the number of visitors reaching your website. It gathers a wide array of data, including:

  • the actions taken by each user
  • the duration they visit your website
  • the pages they view
  • their location

With user acquisition and behavior data like this, you can ensure your SEO campaign is working in the best interest of your business. If there are any potential website issues that may be preventing the campaign from reaching the first page of Google search results, we can use the Organic Traffic Snapshot information to help resolve them.

How to See Organic Traffic in Google Analytics

You can integrate Google Analytics with Simple SEO, WordPress, or eCommerce. If it is your first time adding Analytics to your site, it may take up to three days for statistics to generate and show within Google Analytics.

Please refer to the articles below to learn how to set up Google Analytics and how to access the Google Analytics report in Simple SEO, WordPress, Website Builder included with your hosting plan, Website, Website Plus, Website + Marketing, or eCommerce. 

Check out Google's support document if you are looking for instructions on seeing an overview of the organic traffic report directly in your Google Analytics account.

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