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How to Verify a New Account


Protecting your financial information and protecting you from unauthorized charges is our utmost priority. We carefully assess newly created accounts to ensure our valued customers open them. We may ask you to verify a new account randomly, so be on the lookout for the verification email.

Respond to the Verification Email

After you register your new account, you may receive a verification email from us. We request that you respond to the email as soon as possible with the requested documentation. As soon as we receive your documentation, we will review it and process your account appropriately.

Your financial security is our priority which is why responding to the verification email is crucial. If you are concerned about phishing emails, please refer to Identifying Spam, Phishing, & Virus Emails to see the best practices in handling suspicious emails. The verification email will look like this:

Wcom Verification Email

Important: The verification email will only be valid for 7 days upon receiving it. We will reimburse your initial payment and cancel the products upon sending the verification request. Activating your account will require you to repurchase the product(s) upon verification and pay again since we automatically refund your payment. Activating your account without payment will not be possible.


List of Required Documents

To verify the account, you must provide at least one of the following documents in your reply email:

Note: For PayPal purchases, you can submit any documents listed below except for the bank statement.
  • Account owner's government-issued photo ID
Note: Provide both the front and back of your ID and make sure all four corners are visible and that we can clearly see the photo, ID holder's name, and expiration date.
  • Bank statements with the original payment, the card owner's name, or the last four digits of the card.
Note: For your privacy, please make sure to cover up your bank account number.
  • A screenshot of the card's account management page displaying the URL bar and any two of the following items: the last four digits of the card, the cardholder's name, or the transaction with Web.com.
  • An ATM receipt showing the last four digits of the card number and the cardholder's name (if available).
  • A receipt for adding funds to the card displaying the cardholder's name and the last four digits of the card.
  • A receipt for uploading funds to the prepaid card that shows the card number's last four digits.

In some cases, additional documentation may be required to ensure the credit card or PayPal owner has authorized the payment. We perform this additional verification for your safety and the security of your account. We will respond to your email and  provide you with additional instructions if further verification is required.  

Please provide us with the documentation requested above within 7 calendar days of receiving it so that your account with Web.com can be activated. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this process.

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