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Using a sophisticated algorithm that measures the quantity and quality of sites which link to yours, search engines assign a "Link Popularity" score to your website.

How does link building work?

Search engines evaluate your website's credibility by the external websites that link to it.

Using a sophisticated algorithm that measures the quantity and quality of sites which link to yours, search engines assign a "Link Popularity" score to your website. The quality of the websites linking to your site is considered to be the single biggest influence of your rankings on popular search engines like Google™, Yahoo!® and MSN®.

Web.com's custom link building programs match your website with other quality websites in your industry in order to quickly improve your site's rankings. Our Link Building programs include a number of great channels for building your web network:

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Web.com's Premium Links program incorporates some of the most popular websites on the Internet. We've built seasoned relationships with Industry giants including Jupiter Media/Internet.com, iEntry / Webpronews, and over 20,000 other leading websites in all verticals.

Advertising your website through links raises your natural search engine rankings by meeting the indexing demands of link relevancy and quality algorithms. These relevance algorithms "score" sites by topic or search relevancy based on previously indexed websites similar in nature which link to you. By securing links on quality websites you are helping to ensure your website will be included in that search engine database and ranked accordingly.

When it comes to link building, quality is job #1.

All incoming links are not the same. A link from Yahoo!® is judged to be more authoritative than a link from a poorly linked website. A link from a website that has a high number of naturally occurring inbound links and is themed the same as your website is a high quality link.

The web is divided by "neighborhoods" relative to their theme as well as quality. Google™ makes reference to "bad neighborhoods" and it's important to stay out of them. Free for all (FFA) link exchanges are an example of a low quality link neighborhood. When selecting an SEO partner, make sure these links are not part of your program!

Web.com BlogReviews™ enable our clients to take advantage of the growing popularity of blog sites. This new medium of Consumer Generated Content (CGC) has personalized the web and has secured a following of massive proportions. Bloggers influence ideas, demographic groups, and reputations. Our partnership network of over 25,000 bloggers ensures our ability to leverage these individual publishers to deliver results for our clients.

Directories are indexed by search engines regularly, and the websites within them are seen by the search engines often. When a search engine identifies a website link within a directory it typically gives link popularity credit to that website. Our Directory Inclusion Service incorporates some of the most popular directories on the Internet to contribute traffic and link popularity to your website.

Not only are press releases a great way to create awareness and "buzz" for your business, they are also proven to drive web traffic, and will help improve the link popularity of your website.

Our press release submission and optimization service is designed to maximize the visibility of your press release in the news search engines and media databases. Critical to the success of your news release is ensuring your press release is keyword searchable for the best search terms. Web.com provides network distribution and technology enhancements for your release. We carefully analyze your release and optimize it around key search terms that increase your online visibility.

Your Press Release will be submitted to hundreds of Journalists from companies like, Chicago Tribune, AllTheWeb News, The Daily News, Boston Globe, AP Digital, NPR, Yahoo News, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, MSNBC, MSN Money, ABC News, USA Today, New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Herald, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, Smartmoney.com, Topix.net, and many many more.

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