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Business directories get you found online

  • Listed in top online directories
  • Maintain online credibility
  • Daily monitoring for accurate information

Get found online

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Build online credibility with directory services

Our Pro Business Directory service keeps accurate information across multiple directories to maintain online credibility and connect with your customers.

Google, Bing, Facebook and others list you by default. In order to maintain control over your content, you must claim and manage your listings.

Customers want to see accurate information about your business when they search for what you do, so it’s important to ensure that you actively manage your business directories.

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How it works

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Keyword research

An SEO expert verifies your business information for accuracy, conducts keyword research, and writes a compelling business description specific to your industry

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Daily monitoring

Our automatic data syncing will check if all directory entries are valid and up-to-date. Your business directories will be monitored daily to ensure consistency and accuracy

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Directory submission

You’ll be submitted to top online business directories containing accurate information for customers in the moment they search

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Customer listening

See what customers are saying about you. Read reviews from all listings and social sites, with the option to respond in one place instead of replying separately

Show up in top directories

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Why choose helps build customer trust by creating accurate business directories. You'll be confident knowing all listings are correct, up-to-date, and consistent across platforms.

It can take up to 20 hours a month to manage your directories. Let manage them for you, allowing you to do what you do best - manage your business.

Understanding directories and review management

Consumers rely heavily on online searches and reviews when researching and making purchasing decisions. To learn more about the importance of having accurate business directories and knowing what customers are saying about your business, check out our blog.


Business directories are sort of like an online version of the Yellow Pages in a phone book. Online business directories help customers search for companies, services, or products in their area in a very targeted way.

Having inaccurate or missing information on the web can negatively impact your search rankings. Search engines like Google will prioritize businesses with accurate business directories above those with inaccuracies online.

Not only will your search rankings be negatively impacted, so will your online credibility. When customers are searching for businesses like yours, they want to see accurate information at the time they search.

When setting up your online directories, we’ll include your business name, address, phone number, and store hours. We’ll also write a compelling business description based on keyword research.

We submit you to 24+ business directories.

The answer to this can depend on what type of business you have. There are some evergreen directories that work for most industries, and there are some industry-specific directories that are a bit more targeted. Some of the top directories are Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Zillow, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

You will have access to a dashboard where you can see your business directories and where you’re listed.

Yes. For Pro Business Directory to be successful, you need a physical street address.

Facebook and Google require you to take action to complete the setup. Facebook listing claims are made easy within the DIY Tool. You will be prompted to make two connections and will be guided through easy steps that take about 5 minutes. Our support team is available if you need help with the process.

To ensure your business can be found online, submit your website to all major search engines and Internet directories. We recommend you visit each search engine and Internet directory, locate the instructions and submit your site. Once you have your directories set up, schedule time on your calendar to review them each month.

Yes! Directory listings can be good for SEO. From a search engine optimization standpoint, each business directory listing is important. It makes your site easier to find, and it creates an additional backlink that can help improve your search engine rankings.